Essential oils for styes

Essential oils for styes

Sty is an inflammation of the eyes that leads to pain and swelling in the eyelids. Using essential oils can naturally help overcome symptoms.

Essential oils for styes

Styes: symptoms and causes

Sty is an inflammation of the eyelids. Symptoms are swelling , pain , redness of the eyelids and eye . There may be a boil on the edge of the eyelid , in this case it is an external sty , or inside the eyelid itself, called an internal sty . Sometimes it is accompanied by itching and watery eyes.

The causes are various. They can result from a foreign agent introduced into the eye in various ways, such as the wind, or the use of products for the face or hair, or even due to contact with unclean hands .

When this happens to the inflammation due to the rubbing , bacterial proliferation is added which leads to the development of the sty .

It can also happen that the immune system is particularly weakened and, as a result of this, the bacteria that naturally settle on the eyelashes find fertile ground for their own proliferation.

The sty usually resolves normally and without intervention after about a week . However, there are cases that often recur and situations in which conjunctivitis can develop from a sty : it is therefore important to follow scrupulous hygiene and cleaning of the eye , to avoid the creation of suitable conditions for the development of swelling and redness. to the eyes.

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