Eliminate the belly with foods you do not expect

Eliminate the belly with foods you do not expect

Eliminate the belly : are there any foods that can help us? Yes, if we take into account these factors:
– hydration even with the diet
– glycemic load of foods
– type of fiber for food
– nutritional values

I will not talk to you about special supplements or stuffy things, but about foods that we can easily find in the shop around the house (if it’s a grocery store. If you have a hardware store downstairs, I see it as difficult) and that D. advises you to say hello to swelling and fat. abdominal.

To eliminate the belly you must first learn how to chew properly.
This is very important and you will be amazed at the effect it has on your abdomen.
Each bite should be chewed for at least 40 seconds: it should be swallowed when it is liquid .
It takes a while to get used to it, but this one thing alone does half the job.

Let’s now see the right foods to eliminate the belly.

1) Oat flakes for breakfast:  oat flakes are very filling and more. Their viscous fibers are a panacea for intestinal regularity and improve the bacterial flora. At breakfast they are perfect if prepared in porridge, because with water and heat they release their sticky substances and accumulate water giving us a low-calorie breakfast.

They should be cooked in the dose of 35 grams in 150 grams of skimmed milk (even without lactose) or soy milk without sugar. In a saucepan, cook them in the liquid until you get a cream.
A pinch of salt should always be added to destroy the albumin and globulins.
You can then add when cold: 1 tablespoon of truvia + 50-70 grams of peeled pear in pieces or two prunes or a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa.
You can combine coffee or tea separately.

2) Raw food before the meal. They can be a small salad, a medium raw carrot, half a carrot and a cucumber or fennel. They should be eaten as an appetizer. Always.

3) Verdure drenanti a scelta tra zucca, zucchine, cipolle, porri, funghi, spinaci, indivia, radicchio, finocchi, sedano. Vanno cotte e accompagnate al nostro piatto di pasta o proteico.
Quindi dopo l’antipasto di verdure crude, dobbiamo prevedere una porzione di queste verdure cotte.

4) Frutta vicino ai pasti: la frutta dopo i pasti non è ben tollerata da tutti. Le più indicate sono ananas, pesca, mandarini o clementine. Se avete problemi, consumatela per spuntino, sbucciata, in accoppiata a 3-4 mandorle.

5) The protein quota: a small protein food must also be present at lunch, for example 20 grams of parmesan, 50-70 grams of chicken or fish, 100 grams of boiled legumes, an egg. This together with vegetables helps us to keep the glycemic load of the meal under control and to reduce the risk of abdominal obesity.
But be careful: proteins are used to balance carbohydrates, but the opposite is also true.

At dinner it is not recommended to eat only proteins and vegetables. In fact, an excessively hypoglycemic effect is created caused by the increase in insulin, and if we do not balance it with a little carbohydrates, the risk is to create stress for the body .
Then you complain that you have a low metabolism!

So: for lunch if we eat a first course, we always combine a small protein food.
At dinner , if we eat a second protein, we always combine a fruit (150/200 gr) or a little bread (50 gr) in addition to vegetables.

Fats should not be raised too much if we eat the first dish of pasta or rice . Better with the protein meal, where carbohydrates are more reduced.

For example, lunch: 
– carrot and cucumber salad with a teaspoon of oil
– 60 grams of spaghetti with 100 grams of clams, 150 grams of zucchini or 125 grams of mushrooms, a teaspoon of oil.
– a small fruit
+ chewing rule!

For example, dinner:
– fennel salad with apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of oil
– 150 grams of baked plaice with a side of steamed spinach with a teaspoon of oil
– 150 grams of peach or three mandarins or 50 grams of bread rye.
– 10 grams of dark chocolate or 2 nuts
+ chewing rule! 

In the recipes, green light for antioxidant spices: chilli, curry, turmeric for savory dishes, cinnamon and cardamom or cloves for sweet ones.

6) Carbohydrate Rotation: Don’t always eat the same type of complex carbohydrate and don’t pair two types of complex carbohydrates with each meal. For example, no pasta and potatoes, or rice and then bread for a second, and so on.

This is not a law written in stone, but more starches are a problem for those who want to eliminate the belly. In addition, the variety in carbohydrates helps the body digest them better and choose low-glycemic cereals or tubers.

For example, in addition to pasta, we can eat in a week: basmati rice; potatoes cooked and then cooled in the fridge; quinoa; buckwheat grains or buckwheat pasta; amaranth or millet; soy or rice noodles.

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