Without a proper Elden Ring Invocation guide you could be missing out on many key elements of the game: wolves and knights await!

In Elden Ring there are several Invocations that are a peculiarity of the title: in fact without a suitable guide it is very likely that you will miss some fundamental piece of these powerful “weapons” that the game offers you.

These Invocations will allow you to summon ghosts of different natures that will fight in battle, although it is not always possible to summon them and mainly you will find yourself doing it against the bosses.

In fact, ghosts are perfect for distracting bosses , allowing you to outflank the enemy and inflict several critical hits (backstab) if you are a hand-to-hand combatant. These have their own artificial intelligence, so once summoned you won’t have to do anything to control them further.

To be able to make Invocations in the Elden Ring (by the way, did you miss our review? Here it is! ) You will need the Bell of Call , obtained at night from the Witch of Limgrave immediately after you have received Torrente , the horse that will accompany you in the ‘adventure.

We remind you that the content of this article may contain spoilers about Elden Ring , and we therefore invite you to continue carefully.

Elden Ring

  • Ashes of the Lone Wolf – (Limgrave, Church of Elleh): Return to the area at night after gaining the mount you can ride, then talk to the witch sitting on the ruins next to the merchant
  • Engvall Bandit Knight – (Limgrave, Turbid Water Catacombs): Obtained from the Pit Guardian boss, the Duelist
  • Ashes of the Noble Wandering – (Limgrave, Storm Pass Catacombs): room with no exit, top floor of the three-level one with the switch
  • Ashes of the Noble Sorcerer – (Limgrave, Catacombs Passo Della Tempesta): taken from the boss
  • Medusa’s Ashes – Stormhill – Talk to the woman in the shack three times
  • Godrick Soldier’s Ashes   – Stormhill – Head southwest from the shack to the tree area on the map and spot a number of spiritual jellyfish. There will be two separate cemetery areas where jellyfish float around. In the one on the right, you will find the ashes on a body
  • Hawk’s Ashes – (Weeping Peninsula, Pilgrimage Church): North of the church, approach the spirit sitting on the chair to find this item.
  • Marionette Ashes – (Raya Lucaria Academy, Cuckoo Church): Head to the cemetery area and to the far end, then drop down on the left hand side instead of crossing the bridge. Follow the path back up and reach a ledge with two Puppet Archers to get the ashes from a body.
  • Avionette Soldier’s Ashes – (Raya Lucaria Academy, Brotherhood): Go back to the water wheel, ride sideways and go all the way down. Go left where the enemies are to find the ashes on a body
  • Ashes of the Fanged Imp – (Limgrave, Academy Gate): From this place of grace go east and you will find a merchant, he sells it for 2000 runes.
  • Wandering Ashes – (Cecilia, Sellia Sottoscala, City of Witchcraft): directly north of the place of grace in the City of Witchcraft
  • Soldier of Fortune’s Ashes – (Leyndell, Royal Capital, Tomb of Auriza): Taken from the boss
  • Ashes of the Soldier of Raya Lucaria – (Catacomb of Roland): at the end of the catacombs, hit the wall with a weapon to make it disappear, it is in the chest

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