Let’s find out in this Elden Ring guide all the details regarding the position of the game’s Gold Seeds, objects that are very useful.

Among the various collectibles that can help users in Elden Ring , a title that we have explored in our review ( you can find it here ), there are also the Golden Seeds , and in this guide we want to deepen all the positions of these, explaining where to find them. .

These are objects that are used in order to increase the number of mana and life flasks of the game , which can be managed through the resources obtained when going to the grace points, creating the right combination between one and the other based on your character and style of play.

We would like to point out that this Elden Ring guide on where to find all the Gold Seeds in the game contains minor spoilers relating to specific locations, so we invite you to continue carefully.

Here is the guide to the location of all Gold Seeds in Elden Ring

Starting Keepsake

  • Seme D’Oro 1 – You can take it as an initial object ( here our dedicated guide )


  • Gold Seed 2 (Stormgate) – Go through the door and go up the hill after the enemies, go near the lighted tree
  • Seed D’Oro 3 (Limgrave, Fort Haight) – Near the glowing tree just outside the courtyard entrance
  • Gold Seed 4 (Limgrave, Fringefolk Hero’s Grave) – Obtained from the boss
  • Seed D’Oro 5 (Weeping Peninsula, Castle Morne Rampart) – From Castle Morne Rampart graceful place go southwest, go down and you will immediately notice the glowing tree

Stormveil Castle

  • Seed D’Oro 6 ( Stormveil Castle, Liftside Chamber) – Leave Liftside Chamber and go up towards Stormhawks, you can get it in the open courtyard, next to the classic light tree


  • Seed D’Oro 7 (Caelid, Caelid Highway South) – Follow the road and go south, you will find the tree after the passage
  • Seme D’Oro 8 ( Caelid, Sellia Crystal Tunnel) – Leave the tunnel and go left the wall towards the castle, follow it until you reach some stairs, go up them and notice the tree towards the top
  • Gold Seed 9 (Greyroll’s Dragonbarrow, Beastial Sanctum) – From the place of grace, leave the room and continue southeast to see the tree

Liurnia of the Lakes

  • Seme D’Oro 10 (Liurnia of the Lakes, The Ravine) – Continue down the ravine and stay in the water, it is located by the tree just before the hut
  • Seme D’Oro 11 (Liurnia of the Lakes, Academy Gate Town) – From the northwest to the place of grace, the mast is just north of the broken section of the road located before reaching the sunken part
  • Seed D’Oro 12 (Lirunia of the Lakes, Main Academy Gate) – Go to the bridge to the northeast and continue before the large cliff to find the tree

Academy of Raya Lucaria

  • Seed D’Oro 13 (Academy of Raya Lucaria, Debate Parlor) – Continue to the courtyard and head left

Atlas Plateau

  • Seme D’Oro 14 (Atlas Plateau, Erdtree-Gazing Hill) – Next to the place of grace
  • Seed D’Oro 15 (Atlas Plateau, Atlas Highway Junction) – Climb the road north continuing the road to the site of grace where the glowing tree is


  • Gold Seeds 16 and 17 (Leyndell, Royal Capital, Outer Wall Phantom Tree) – Next to the place of grace, the tree has two seeds
  • Gold Seeds 18 & 19 (Leyndell, Royal Capital, Outer Wall Phantom Tree) – Continue the path to the capital to the northeast, there will be another tree with two seeds
  • Gold Seeds 20 (Leyndell, Royal Capital, West Capital Rampart) – Go south of the room to the place of grace, you will see the tree in front of the huge enemy where the three Envoys

Guide being updated …

In the hope that what detailed in this guide was useful to you, we take this opportunity to refer you to our page dedicated to the new FromSoftware experience, you can find it at this link .

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