In this guide dedicated to Elden Ring we want to talk about what you should expect from the New Game + within the new FromSoftware title.

Elden Ring drives new

As you may have understood by now Elden Ring is truly an immense game, capable of offering an extraordinary replay value both as regards the secondary missions and, a topic that we want to deepen in this guide, the new game plus.

The latter is perhaps the spearhead as far as the most hardcore players of the souls are concerned, given that once this mode is activated the game becomes even more difficult and difficult . Before going into detail, however, we advise you to take a look at our review if you are curious to know our opinion or even just the vote can be found here .

Yesterday we talked to you about the longevity of the FromSoftware title (find more details here) but today, we want to talk to you about Elden Ring ‘s New Game + , a real passion for souls completists.

Elden Ring drives new

How does the New Game + work in Elden Ring? Here is the guide

After you have completed the main story of Elden Ring you will activate the possibility to restart the game completely but in New Game + mode. By accepting this possibility, you will permanently keep your  equipment , skills  and  runes that you obtained during the first game. Obviously From could not make things easier, given that these advantages will be balanced by much more powerful and resistant enemies, but obviously they will drop a greater amount of runes.

Take advantage of the New Game + to make different choices within the game narrative, so as to discover more secrets or different consequences of your actions. As you know by now, Elden Ring has three endings, this mode is perfect for doing all 3 without losing progression or sense of challenge .

Completed the first New Game +, you can do it again and it will be called New Game + 2: as you can imagine the enemies will be even stronger but you will keep all the progress as usual. The limit is New Game + 7, but you can safely go further even if the enemies don’t get stronger.

That was all there was to know in our Elden Ring New Game + guide , we hope we have been helpful.

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