Effects of coffee on weight gain

Effects of coffee on weight gain

Coffee is a bit of a cross and a delight for Italians, who are regular consumers of it.

There are those who cannot do without it like the writer here, those who are afraid of drinking too much coffee and those who drink at most one cup in the morning to get their energy up, but no more.

Now, if the effects of coffee can be mitigated or accentuated both by the dosage and even by one’s DNA, so there are people who cannot take more than one cup a day due to a high sensitivity due to how the liver metabolizes it, it is also true that coffee has many virtues.

Among the beneficial effects of coffee we find, for example, that it is a hepatoprotector, stimulates the secretion of bile and gastric motility and is an aid in people suffering from high cholesterol.
But there is more.

Today a new study establishes that among the effects of coffee there is also that of safeguarding us from the accumulation of body weight.
Coffee does not make you lose weight, but it limits overweight.┬áLet’s see why.

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