Effective slimming supplements: the case of rutin

Effective slimming supplements: the case of rutin

Today I want to talk to you about rutin , a natural substance contained in some foods, which could be the basis of new effective weight loss supplements following new studies that link it to weight loss. But let’s see in detail what it is.
Rutin is a flavonoic glycoside, which, although not essential in humans, has a very important antioxidant function, so much so that it is also called vitamin P: it is naturally present in red wine, in buckwheat (a food that not surprisingly was the protagonist of the Le BootCamp diet by Valerie Orsoni), in citrus fruits, in red fruits and in particular in mulberry. Therefore, those who are skeptical of these supplements can always increase the normal diet of these foods, however rutin-based supplements have already been on the market for some time.

Until now, in fact, rutin was indicated as an effective substance for better microcirculation and the well-being of skin and hair.
Already last year, however, a study on obese and fattening rats had shown that rutin was effective in increasing both the number and size of mitochondria, responsible for cellular respiration and the use of energy substrates. The more our mitochondrial activity is optimized, the more in synthesis what we eat is burned, for example to produce heat, while the fatty acids are more easily oxidized, therefore lipolysis is favored. Now a new study, always on mice and by the same team,suggests that rutin can stimulate the conversion of white adipocytes (the commonly understood flab) into brown adipocytes (particular adipocytes that increase metabolism by affecting thermogenesis).

Clearly, these are studies in mice: but the rutin studies are promising and will likely kick off effective weight loss supplements for obese or overweight patients. It will only be necessary to establish the effective dose for humans (after confirming effects similar to those in mice).

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