Eat until you are satisfied without overstepping the li

Eat until you are satisfied without overstepping the li

There are days when that feeling of hunger grips us and we can’t get out of it without making some snags on the weight loss diet we are following.

This article, on the other hand, wants to try a new approach that allows our body to be satisfied with foods that keep our stomach full for longer, without affecting diets or eating foods that are not advisable in a controlled diet and which, for di plus, they are bad for our health.

Let’s see which ones.

Because they satiate

There are reasons why some foods are more filling than others.

For example, proteins have slower digestion than fats and carbohydrates and therefore retain a sense of fullness for longer.

Some healthy fats are also recommended as they slow down the rate at which our stomach empties.

Fiber is also useful because it adds volume without adding calories.

7 foods that fill you up

Eat until you are full without overstepping the limit: 7 foods that fill you up

Egg. Protein, as we said, is more filling in fat or carbohydrates, and a single egg provides about 7 grams of protein for less than 70 calories.

If you choose to eat egg white only, each egg white gives you about 3 grams of protein for only 20 calories.

And eggs are very versatile, it’s easy to think about eating them for breakfast or adding vegetables for a quick and very filling meal.

If you decide for breakfast this will be an energetic meal that leaves a sense of fullness throughout the morning.

Rolled oats . Oatmeal is a rich source of soluble fiber, which swells and thickens when it comes in contact with liquid.

Soluble fiber makes food more filling.

Combine the flour with cow’s milk or soy milk.

A healthy and perfect breakfast to stay full.

Bean soup . Like oats, beans are an excellent source of water-soluble fiber, but they have an advantage as they also contain protein.

Raspberry protein shake. A protein shake made with protein powder, milk or soy milk and raspberries can fill our stomachs for quite some time.

If you add ice, the time it takes to assimilate will increase even more.

Fat-free Greek yogurt . You can eat Greek yogurt with either a little fruit and a little sugar, or with a little salt and some vegetables.

In both cases, we add fiber to the yogurt cow proteins.

Avocado. Fruit rich in omega-3 and good fats, it is perfect as a snack or as an accompaniment to proteins such as tuna or chicken.

Grapefruit . Like most fruit, grapefruit has a good amount of water and fiber but very few calories.

Combined with your own avocado or even in a grapefruit salad dressed with oil and vinegar it is perfect to eat to stay full.

Eat until you are full without overstepping the limit: 7 foods that fill you up


It is much easier to think of eating a nice pizza or a nice super stuffed sandwich to feel full but, as you have seen, there are many possibilities to make our diet a healthy and satiating diet at the same time.

Just set it on our needs .

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