Eat like this to lose 2 kg in 7 days

Eat like this to lose 2 kg in 7 days

Today I will explain a method to eat without any problem of particular diets, but only by following 4 rules, and to lose 2 kg in 7 days, while continuing to lose weight. It is a type of intermittent fasting in which we only eat for a certain amount of time, with more freedom on weekends. By applying some rules for composing dishes, here is a very easy way to lose weight in no time. It works, even if it’s not for everyone.
Those who lead a very stressful life may have problems following these rules.
Similarly, people with diabetes cannot follow this method.



    • You can eat from 11 in the morning to 18 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday or from 10 in the morning by 5 in the afternoon.
      You have to start eating at eleven and finish by 6pm or eat by 10am and finish by 5pm.
    • On Saturdays and Sundays you can eat from 11 and finish by 20 in the evening.
    • You can only have two large meals in this time. Three on the weekend.
      Snacks are to be avoided.
    • The two meals should be based on natural foods and not packaged as much as possible and include a large portion of protein. For example: meat or fish, two eggs, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, tofu, seitan, raw or cooked ham or bresaola, crustaceans and molluscs, feta, egg whites. For the rest of the meal, opt for fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread, brown rice or pasta, potatoes, a handful of nuts, a drizzle of oil, legumes.
      Only by following the 4 rules you can lose 2 kg in 7 days.


In the maintenance phase, opt for 3 days a week according to the method alternating with two days off (for example Tuesday and Thursday) and Saturday and Sunday as the method.
During the two free days you can indulge in a small whim of your choice, even if not natural, with a maximum of 100 or 200 calories. For example 4 biscuits, a bar, two pastries, a fruit ice cream. Or a free meal of your choice in 2 days.
As you can see it is extremely simple.

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