Dr. Sorrentino’s diet for the summer

Dr. Sorrentino’s diet for the summer

Doctor Nicola Sorrentino , a doctor known for being the dietician of VIPs, often a guest of Barbara d’Urso in Afternoon Five, lists 5 rules to get back in shape within 4 weeks for the summer.

Today we see what its rules are and how to make an effective and detoxifying diet for the summer without drastic measures, with a regime developed in collaboration with the  Consortium for the Protection of Bresaola della Valtellina. 
We lose 4 kg per month.


The rules.

  1. The 4-week regimen is balanced but low in fat and consists of 5 meals.
  2. During these 4 weeks, the doctor recommends drinking plenty of water, but a glass of wine or beer is allowed per meal (half for women).
  3.  The foods of the diet for the summer are fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean animal proteins such as fish (not fried) or bresaola or lean cured meats or lean meats, and whole carbohydrates from pasta, rice, grains.
  4. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are 10 almonds, or 3 walnuts or 15 pistachios.
  5. Season for lunch and dinner with 1 teaspoon of oil and at most one of Parmesan on the pasta.

The suggested scheme of Dr. Sorrentino’s summer diet.

Breakfast: 2 glasses of water + coffee or tea.
A 125 g low-fat yogurt + two rusks or 30 g of whole grains.
Snack: see rules for snacks. Alternatively, a citrus juice.
Light lunch: the alternatives.

  • 1 wholemeal sandwich (50-60 gr) with 6 slices of bresaola and grilled vegetables (or tomato and rocket).
  • A dish of minestrone at room temperature.
  • Green salad with 100 gr of natural tuna plus a 50 gr wholemeal sandwich.
  • Plate of grilled or steamed vegetables (including green leafy or broccoli) with a 50 gram wholemeal sandwich.
  • A fruit salad (one cup, about 200 gr of mixed fruit) with 1 125 gr low-fat yogurt

Snack: see rules for snacks. Alternatively 1 cube / 10 gr of dark chocolate.

Dinner: the combination.

  • 1 boiled potato (about 200 gr) or 60 gr of wholemeal pasta or cous cous or brown rice or a 50/60 gr wholemeal sandwich with 150 gr of frozen peas or 100 gr canned legumes or 150 gr of seafood or shellfish or 200 gr of white fish or 40-50 gr of bresaola.
  • Plus 150 grams of mixed vegetables to taste, aromatic herbs and spices to taste.

After dinner: a small fruit to taste.

The diet in detail: you can see the summer diet in detail and with all the recipes here . The diet program is developed with the collaboration of the Consortium for the Protection of Bresaola della Valtellina. 
Source: Adkronos.

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