Double chocolate vegan smoothie

Double chocolate vegan smoothie

A vegan smoothie ideal as a substitute meal for lunch or the meal in which we eat more carbohydrates : when used in this way, the vegan double chocolate smoothie that I present to you today will allow you to lose weight without effort, maintaining a good mood and without giving up carbohydrates with only 232 calories. The only recommendation: during the rest of the day we limit the fruit portions to the less sugary ones (citrus, kiwi, grapefruit, blueberries, raspberries or currants), since there are both bananas and dates in the smoothie. However, the advantages are many:reduced craving for sweets thanks to this smoothie that is like a spoon dessert. Effortless calorie reduction and natural carbohydrate reduction. No use of proteins or supplements: only natural foods. A naturally sweet taste with no added sugar.
The recipe is from LovingItVegan. 

For 2 servings
300 gr of frozen banana in pieces and without the peel (not too ripe)
40 gr of dates previously soaked in warm water for a few hours (or if they are soft, do not soak)
120 ml of almond milk without added sugar (in Italy Apro and Provamel or Valdibella)
4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
5-6 raw cocoa beans or 10 grams of extra-dark chocolate or a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips with
vanilla or rum or maraschino flavor
a cherry or a ripe strawberry for decoration (one per portion)

blend the milk and cocoa together first. Add the dates and cocoa beans and the aroma, finally the frozen banana. If the mixture is too thick, like ice cream, and you want it like a smoothie, add a little water.
Pour the mixture into two bowls and garnish with fresh fruit.
The extra idea: before pouring the smoothie into the cups, add the calorie-free cocoa syrup to the bottom.
Nutritional values ​​of the vegan double chocolate smoothie:
Kcal 232, carbohydrates 58 of which 31 are sugars, fats 3, 2 grams, proteins 5.2 grams.


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