Don’t probiotics make you lose weight?

Don’t probiotics make you lose weight?

That probiotics have a beneficial effect on the gut, and that having a healthy gut is essential to have a good metabolism, is a fact: numerous researches link gut health to immune defenses and metabolism and it has been seen that overweight people have actually bacterial flora problems . But do probiotics by themselves make you lose weight? That is, if taken, do they help you lose weight?
Well, to answer this question, a team of scientists analyzed all the studies on probiotics that have been carried out on a sample of obese and overweight patients, about fifteen out of eight hundred. He compared the data from the various studies and the conclusions, finding that… hold on tight… NO.Probiotics do not make you lose weight. And they shouldn’t be regarded as a magical weight loss supplement at all. In fact, overweight or obese people who took probiotics in the studies analyzed, with the same diet and physical activity, lost just half a pound more than those who did not take probiotics, over a period of about 12 weeks. Too few to assess the effect of probiotics on the gut?

I would not say, since it only takes a few days to improve our bacterial flora.
The explanation given by scientists from Norway’s Vestfold Hospital Trust,who conducted the examination, it is multifactorial. On the one hand, there is a huge business on probiotics, often passed off as key elements for weight loss, despite the lack of scientific evidence; on the other hand, the survival in our intestine of these bacteria is overestimated , since they do not take root easily and indeed tend to die immediately. Or rather: so far no one has shown that taking probiotics led to a greater variety of gut bacteria, for a reason, an expert explains here : Probiotics are not the same as our gut bacteria, but they come from isolated monocultures that do not have many ability to resist within our variegated bacterial flora. Their stay in our intestinal flora lasts a few days. Furthermore, they do not necessarily nourish the good bacterial flora: on the contrary, they could work as antibiotics, wiping out other bacterial strains.
In short, when probiotics arrive in our intestines, a small battle would break out between billions of bacteria: the outcome of which does not necessarily lead to weight loss.

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