Does ice cream make you fat?

Does ice cream make you fat?

Does ice cream make you fat? The answer is no. We could close it here, but given the fears and demonizations that this food continues to have, to the detriment of the quality and craftsmanship of many Italian ice cream parlors, I will try in this article to explain the reasons why ice cream does not hurt or make you fat, and how to include it in a correct diet also from a nutritional point of view, without problems for the figure. 
First of all, when we ask ourselves if something makes you fat, we have to decide one fundamental thing.

That is: which side are we on. Science states that if I eat 1000 calories of industrial bread or 1000 calories of celery, I always eat 1000 calories. On the scale of things that matter for weight loss and proper nutrition, the most important basis is always the same: how many calories we consume. You can have the healthiest diet in the world, but if you eat twice as much as your body needs, you gain weight, which is why people cannot ignore the amount of what they eat. It is the same reason that it is hardly surprising if someone goes thin on the McDonald’s diet or the pizza diet or the ice cream diet. They count calories, guys .
Now:this does not mean that macronutrients and micronutrients do not count, therefore the supply of nutrients that food provides us. But, give it a try, put in the pantry lots of almond or peanut butter, lots of nuts, lots of cold-pressed olive oil, lots of ghee, kilo bags of quinoa, organically raised meat, farmer’s eggs, lots of honey from bees. behind the courtyard of your house, and eat everything to your fill.
In all likelihood, you will gain weight. He also gets fat on wholemeal bread with stone-ground flour and mother yeast.
The dose does the damage.

Our goal therefore is:
1) eat in moderation and move.
2) Eat nutritious food, following quality over quantity.
Now let’s see how to do with ice cream, avoiding unnecessary demonizations and combining it with the best.

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