Does eating without salt make you lose weight? No, on the contrary

Does eating without salt make you lose weight? No, on the contrary

Eating salty would burn the body’s reserve fat , it would not cause muscle catabolism but a reaction of increased cellular oxidation that leads the body to get rid of fat reserves. A disconcerting discovery is that of a study by a group of Russian scientists, who claim that eating without salt not only does not make you lose weight, but reduces your metabolism.

According to when published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation , the scientists realized that astronauts who increased their salt consumption lost more weight on the same diet with their colleagues: they therefore started a series of experiments on mice, to try to understand if a greater amount of salt in the diet led to muscle catabolism, which could explain the weight loss. They also analyzed whether the increased salt led to cardiovascular health problems, but ruled out.
Ultimately, the increased salt would act on thermogenetic factors, prompting the body to burn more to maintain osmosis.

While every study that analyzes salt consumption certainly needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but this study follows another , very interesting one, in which eating more salt was found to reduce the adverse effects of a high-fat diet on body weight. . Furthermore, also recently, salt has been partly acquitted of the accusation of raising blood pressure in the long term, that is, causing arterial hypertension.
In short, eating without salt not only does not reduce hypertension or is good for the heart, but it burns less fat, according to research.

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