Do-it-yourself disinfectant, the recipe approved by the WHO

Do-it-yourself disinfectant, the recipe approved by the WHO

It is possible to prepare a hand sanitizer gel at home following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).


Covid-19 and Amuchina nowhere to be found

Recently, the spread of the Covid-19 virus epidemic has caused the requests for sanitizing products to increase exponentially: from simple ethyl alcohol, to wipes and hand gels.

The speculative phenomena on the prices of hand sanitizers have led to increases of more than 148% according to the Federconsumatori report.

In this sense, to respond to the many requests , many pharmacists have started to independently produce their own gel in laboratories, according to the guidelines of the Society of Preparatory Pharmacists ( Sifap ).

Prepare the sanitizing gel at home with the WHO recipe

The World Health Organization has published guidelines for the correct home preparation of an effective hand sanitizer gel.

It is therefore possible to prepare the gel yourself : you do not need strange substances to be able to obtain one.

The preparation for 200 ml of product includes the following ingredients:

  • 135 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol (the white one, used to prepare liqueurs);
  • 1g of hydroethylcellulose (to give the gel consistency);
  • 8.5g of 3% hydrogen peroxide (the classic one);
  • 3 g of vegetable glycerin (which helps to maintain hydration in the skin) at 98%;
  • distilled water (or boiled and then cooled) enough to reach 200 ml.

Preparation of the hand sanitizer gel

  1. Weigh the distilled water and add it to the hydroethylcellulose (compound A). To put aside.
  2. Measure the alcohol and add the vegetable glycerin (compound B).
  3. Combine part of compound A, which in the meantime will have solidified, with compound B with the help of a teaspoon.
  4. Mix or blend. If you want a more gelatinous consistency, add more compound A with a teaspoon. The advice is not to make it too viscous.

To give a perfumed fragrance to the sanitizing gel, you can combine orange or lemongrass essential oil .

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