Different Diet, Dr. Aprea’s diet to lose weight by eatin

Different Diet, Dr. Aprea’s diet to lose weight by eatin

It’s called “Different Diet” and it’s the diet conceived and promoted by the young doctor Alessia Aprea, a nutrition biologist from Campania who promises her patients to lose weight by eating many delicious recipes such as parmigiana, desserts and lasagna. But all in a light key.
The success of her “Different Diet” is a combination of a great word of mouth obtained through the social networks of those who have had enormous results, with weight loss even of 30 or 70 kg and the success of the doctor’s fb and instagram profiles.

But not only. Everything is obviously in the method, therefore in the Different Diet.

In her clinic in Cercola, in the province of Naples, Dr. Aprea makes her patients lose weight with personalized plans that include many light but tasty versions of the typical dishes of the Italian and Neapolitan tradition. Lasagna, pizza, cakes. And at the same time she teaches you how to eat foods that would not be allowed in other diets in moderation, in order to avoid feeling deprived and abandon the slimming path.
But what are the strengths of Dr. Aprea’s Different Diet?


  • A personalized diet for each patient
  • You lose weight by eating the foods you love in a lighter version
  • The doctor does not use drugs or supplements to lose weight
  • All recipes include cheap and easily available foods
  • You don’t go hungry.

The downside so far seen by some is that it takes months to have an appointment with the doctor, because her diet is in great demand and you have to go to her office in Cercola. The other thing is that having a lot of social or VIP success may not be a guarantee of an effective method, but there are many positive testimonies throughout Italy.

Making a contact attempt to inquire then costs nothing.

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