Dieting without counting calories to lose weight

Dieting without counting calories to lose weight

How to stay on a diet without counting calories to lose weight? Counting calories is an excellent expedient to lose weight, but it is not the only way and often it cannot even be the only way : those who count only the calories to lose weight often have a vision of food only according to the calories it brings, and not according to its nutrient content (macro and micro).
For example: if we only had to pay attention to calories to lose weight,a thousand-calorie plan that is based on two snacks for breakfast, an ice cream cone for lunch and a salad for dinner would have the same value as a thousand-calorie plan with a breakfast of wholemeal bread, skimmed yogurt and a fruit, lunch based on legume and potato salad with vegetables or a plate of wholemeal pasta with vegetables and a little natural tuna, dinner with grilled chicken, salad and fruit. But which of the two plans would be the best from a nutritional point of view? The second one. Yet both plans would be low-calorie. But one is high in sugar and low in protein, and above all low in vitamins and minerals. Here’s why counting calories can be a real trap:if we don’t have a balanced and nutritionally valid plan, we would end up having nutritional deficiencies. On page two we see 4 great tips for dieting without counting calories, but getting the same weight loss results, according to experts. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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