Detox water to reduce cholesterol

Detox water to reduce cholesterol

Detox water, have you ever tried them? They are drinking waters in which we add ingredients that favor the drainage of excess fluids, they are naturally rich in mineral salts and vitamins but with zero calories . They are customizable and depending on the ingredients we choose they can help us with their properties: like this detox water to reduce cholesterol , thanks to the combined action of bergamot juice and celery, to which the draining effect of the other ingredients is added. In fact, both bergamot, a typical citrus fruit of Calabria, and celery can help us reduce cholesterol in a natural way.
An infallible recipe.

In a liter of water add two finely chopped cucumbers, an organic lemon with the peel cut into wedges, 100 ml of  organic Bergamot juice, 100% pure. a large stalk of chopped celery, a handful of mint, two generous spoons of Truvia. Leave to macerate in the fridge in the jug and drink cold. Truvia or alternatively honey are essential, since Bergamot juice is very bitter. Ideal for those with cholesterol problems and swollen stomachs, the detox water should be drunk in the doses of one glass before each meal. A liter should therefore last you two days. Greater results are obtained by doing this treatment for 30-40 days.

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