Detox tea with spices

Detox tea with spices

This  spice detox tea  combines the antioxidant action of green tea with the anti-inflammatory action of  turmeric and ginger . Ideal in the morning and mid-afternoon, for those suffering from high cholesterol, for those with high blood sugar problems, gastritis or intestinal difficulties, skin impurities, belly swelling, digestive difficulties.

The recipe for detox tea is very simple to make, but the ideal is to use the fresh roots of the spices, which today are available in large supermarkets and greengrocers or markets.

For two cups of spice detox tea to drink during the day (morning and afternoon), you will need:
a tablespoon of fresh ground ginger root
a tablespoon of ground turmeric root
a pinch of black pepper a pinch)
300 ml of water
two heaping teaspoons of green tea (or two sachets)
the juice of half a lemon a pinch
of honey per cup

Boil the water with the roots and black pepper for 5 minutes.  Turn off, add the tea, cover the kettle and leave to infuse for another 5 minutes. Serve the detox tea hot with a squeeze of lemon and a hint of honey.
Calories for two cups of detox tea: 30.

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