Cystitis in the hot season: the remedies

Cystitis in the hot season: the remedies

During the hot season, cystitis can worsen or cause recurrence.
A few recommendations and some natural remedies are enough to calm the symptoms.

Cystitis in the hot season: the remedies

Cystitis: symptoms and causes

Cystitis is a bacterial inflammation that affects the urinary tract.

The symptoms are:

Frequent urge to urinate , even without fluid intake, and therefore with low urine volume;

pain when urinating and sometimes also during sexual intercourse;

> presence of blood or pus in the urine;

pain in the lumbar and pubic area ;

In acute cystitis , when the previous symptoms have been ignored for a long time, chills and fever may also occur.

The causes are attributable to the presence of bacteria, as a result of intestinal imbalances and poor hygiene.

During the hot season, cystitis becomes even more annoying : in fact, bacteria find fertile ground for their proliferation in hot and humid environments.

It is therefore easy to understand how opaque clothes, ever higher temperatures, increased perspiration, worsen the conditions of those already suffering from cystitis.

Cystitis and heat: natural remedies

Cystitis develops because it finds a favorable ground, both at the intestinal level and at the environmental level.

Natural remedies for cystitis during the hot season start from the treatment of the intestinal flora, to the alleviation of symptoms:

> Avoid tight-fitting clothing that warms the pubic area: it is useful to use linen and clothes in natural fibers, avoid as much as possible the use of softeners, which remain in the fabrics, foamy perfumes and detergents and unhealthy INCI ; 

> take care of the intestinal flora : taking care of the diet and restoring a balanced intestinal flora allows to eliminate those bacteria from the genital area and which are often responsible for the onset of cystitis;

> do external washes and bidets with water and ventilated green clay : clay is a natural antiseptic. Just dissolve a spoonful of clay in the bidet water, wash, and then rinse thoroughly with running water;

> consume blueberries and bearberry : bearberry is a panacea in case of cystitis. The properties of arbutin, the active ingredient in bearberry, have an antibacterial and diuretic action: this allows the mucous membrane of the bladder to be internally disinfected and the urinary tract to be “washed”;

essential oils : the ideal and effective use of essential oils to relieve the symptoms of cystitis involves dissolving them in the water of the sitz bath . The sitz bath is the washing of the genital area only, and is simply done in the bidet, in the bathtub, or in a basin. 3 drops of the following essential oils are used: lavender, eucalyptus and cinnamon.

The water must be lukewarm, not cold but not hot either. We remain with the genitals in the water for 15 minutes, taking care not to wet the abdomen and to keep the rest of the body covered and warm. Then he rinses and gently dries the area.

Acting internally, on the other hand, there are many natural and herbal remedies that can be used:

> grapefruit seeds;
> mallow;
> cranberry;
> echinacea;
> nettle;
> bearberry.


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