Cystitis: how to recognize the symptoms

Cystitis: how to recognize the symptoms

Never underestimate or ignore the symptoms.
Cystitis is a nuisance infection and recognizing the first signs of its occurrence is the first step towards a cure.

Cystitis: how to recognize the symptoms

In medicine, all names ending in ” ite ” indicate something wrong: an inflamed organ, an ongoing infection, or the like. In short, it hurts and often, whatever evil it is, it burns . Ditto for cystitis, in which the most intimate parts cause pain.

Burning during urination can be very strong, for women and men , no one excluded. Are there any other symptoms? Here’s how to recognize the symptoms of cystitis .

Cystitis: how to recognize the symptoms

Can we have cystitis and not notice it ? Maybe yes, if we neglect small initial symptoms , which over time remain and can worsen. Let’s not be scared without reason, but pay attention to these situations, they could be symptoms of cystitis:

  1. Increased urination: you often feel the need to “go to the bathroom”, but in reality the urine is always scarce
  2. Difficulty urinating : overexertion, tight muscles
  3. Burning , even very strong when urinating
  4. Cloudy, foul-smelling urine , sometimes dark and even bleeding or pus
  5. Simultaneously with other symptoms, fever may appear , even high and with chills
  6. Pain on palpation of the abdomen
  7. Cramps in the lower abdomen

In the presence of one or more of these symptoms, or in case of doubts, it is better to ask your doctor for advice .

Cystitis, what is it?

Cystitis is a condition of inflammation of the urinary bladder , often caused by bacterial infection by Escherichia Coli, which arises from the urethra or external genitalia. Given the conformation of the internal organs, cystitis is more common in women .

Conditions of stones , prostate problems (hypertrophy with bacterial prostatitis) and diabetes can be conditions conducive to the development of cystitis. Also drugs (antibiotics), spermicidal creams  can alter the vaginal bacterial flora , increasing the susceptibility to infection.

There are several natural remedies to defend our body from cystitis: keeping your intestinal bacterial flora healthy certainly helps, but also using plants such as cranberry or grapefruit seeds are useful for prevention and can support treatments.

Antibiotic therapy is the remedy of official medicine. In any case, drinking plenty of fluids is always recommended, to eliminate toxins, moisturize the mucous membranes and facilitate the healing process.

Herbal teas against cystitis

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