CORSAIR, a company founded in 1994 and today a leader in the sector of gaming peripherals and high-performance PC components, has announced …

CORSAIR , a company founded in 1994 and today a leader in the sector of gaming peripherals and components for high-performance PCs, has just announced the addition of two new mice in its range of gaming peripherals. These are the IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS and GLAIVE RGB PRO models , two highly performing mice designed specifically to meet the needs of the gaming world, aimed at increasing both fluidity and gaming performance.

Additionally, in addition to the combined launch of IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS and GLAIVE RGB, on the same occasion the company also revealed a pair of new mouse pads designed for e-sports professionals: the CORSAIR MM350 and MM250 Champion Series .

As the first CORSAIR products in the new Champion Series line , created with input from e-sports professionals, both mouse pads are available in the  450mm x 400mm X-L format , particularly ideal for desktop use and for a low sensitivity game mode.

In terms of design and finish, the MM350 features a stitched and anti-fraying edge, while the MM250 is offered with the classic standard edge. The structure of both products, however, is made of soft fabric and is 5 mm thick, thus offering unparalleled comfort and exceptional quality. As for the coloring , however, both mouse pads are shown with the classic company logo at the bottom right, inserted in a large solid black surface, designed specifically to minimize any distraction.


IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS is the wireless version of the acclaimed IRONCLAW RGB (launched at the beginning of 2019), but for its part it uses the very fast SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRESS TECHNOLOGY and comes equipped with the latest 18,000 DPI optical sensor and Omron switch . The device therefore provides gamers with both state-of-the-art wireless performance and unmatched accuracy and tracking, promising (and maintaining) that accuracy and precision remain identical to that of the most advanced wired mice.

On an aesthetic level, the mouse retains both the optimized shape for the palm grip handle, and the rubberized side insert of the wired version, but inside it integrates the industry-leading CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS 2.4 GHz technology . With blazingly fast wireless latency of less than 1ms, a range of up to 10 meters and Intelligent Frequency Shift (IFS) technology that ensures a stable signal even in the event of wireless connection congestion, SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS offers a seamless gaming experience. wires comparable to that of wired mice.

In addition, the peripheral can connect via low-latency Bluetooth , offering a wide range of connection options for a variety of devices, from laptops to tablets. The USB cable connection then allows it to be used simultaneously during recharging and, thanks to the autonomy of up to 50 hours , it is possible to play for whole days with a single battery charge.

Finally, as a small icing on the cake, compared to its wired counterpart, IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS also integrates three additional buttons , for a total of ten fully programmable keys . In addition, an additional RGB lighting area allows you to further customize your device with three different backlight areas.

More details on GLAIVE RGB PRO

GLAIVE RGB PRO is presented as the updated version of the popular and highly appreciated GLAIVE RGB, but with a new 18,000 DPI sensor and additional RGB lighting.


The device still retains the famous design with three interchangeable handles of its predecessor, however, updating with new textures to suit any style of play and the latest in optical sensor technology. In fact, an 18,000 DPI Pixart sensor , customizable with resolution adjustment ranges of 1 DPI and with five programmable sensitivity presets, ensures that the GLAIVE RGB PRO fully falls into the category of the most advanced mice in the CORSAIR line.

Seven programmable buttons, three-zone RGB backlighting, long-lasting Omron switches and a new, sturdy aluminum scroll wheel, make the GLAIVE RGB PRO mouse the perfect synthesis of high performance and unparalleled comfort.

Finally, we would like to inform interested parties that all the products shown, and therefore both the CORSAIR IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS and GLAIVE RGB PRO mice, and the MM350 Champion Series and MM250 Champion Series mouse pads, are already available for purchase from the network of resellers and distributors. authorized CORSAIR – as well as in the official online store of the company , where it is also possible to consult the list prices.

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