Comuni Shiatsu Friendly, the Italian network

Comuni Shiatsu Friendly, the Italian network

Chianciano Terme is the first municipality to join the initiative of the Professional Association of Shiatsu Operators and Teachers (Apos) which recognizes the cities where the quality of life is pursued through the knowledge and dissemination of bio-natural disciplines. We talk about it with Maicol Rossi, president of Apos and with the mayor Andrea Marchetti.

Friendly shiatsu communes

The holistic vision and vitality ” touch ” the local administrations. Chianciano Terme is the first ” Shiatsu Friendly ” municipality in response to an initiative of Apos (Professional Association of Shiatsu Operators).


The goal is to “sponsor” a better quality of life, in harmony with the surrounding environment, through activities and initiatives that promote the search for psychophysical well-being, awareness and responsibility for one’s own health.


We talk about it with Maicol Rossi , President of the professional association of shiatsu operators and teachers,  Apos , and Andrea Marchetti , Mayor of Chianciano. 


Maicol Rossi, who came up with the idea of ​​drawing up a real agreement with the municipal administrations?

It came to me personally, perhaps prompted by two or three overriding reasons. I have noticed, over time, that many of our association’s resources have been “spent” to protect the rights of the professionals we represent. In the past there have also been legal cases of abuse of the profession , the result of confusion and misunderstandings and always then ended up in sentences favorable to us, but binding. 


I understood that these resources would be better invested in the information, in the disclosure, even of an “institutional” nature, of the laws that govern us, such as 4/2013 which concerns the reference legislation on “professions not organized in orders or colleges “, or the Natural Bio Disciplines including Shiatsu . 


Secondly, I realized that our world is still submerged , underestimated. When I invited Andrea Marchetti, Mayor of Chianciano, to one of our conferences, I noticed his amazement at seeing 350 passionate and dedicated operators in training. Perhaps he did not expect such numbers and the seriousness of our initiatives.   


I also believe that the time is ripe to promote health, well-being and vitality in the area also through local authorities and the doors that open to this “vision” confirm this. I see they are much more immediate and receptive than central government ones.


How do you become a Shiatsu Friendly Municipality?

Usually one of our associates has a first contact with a councilor or with the mayor and then approaches the local administration directly .


At the expression of interest, Apos intervenes to follow the development of the works, substantially useful and practical communications to arrive at the stipulation and disclosure of the agreement . 


What does the agreement foresee?

Apos “qualifies” the Municipality as Shiatsu Friendly because it shares its intentions in terms of a culture of prevention, health, vitality and quality of life in harmony with the environment; gives visibility to the territory and to the Partnership during initiatives, promotional campaigns and the organization of events that promote the culture of psychophysical well-being , also in synergy with representatives of other disciplines other than Shiatsu but with the same purposes. 


Furthermore, it makes the know-how gained in twenty years of institutional and social work available to local administrations ; then it dedicates with pleasure a space to introduce itself to the territory during the events, to host the school groups of the territory to attend the events and make them aware of the richness of values ​​and contents.


The municipal administration, for its part, collaborates in the dissemination and promotes such contents towards citizens, can make available the spaces necessary for the realization of the events, offer its patronage, create moments of institutional comparison to better understand the profession and the current classification that the rule. 


How many municipalities have joined or are evaluating the proposal?

After Chianciano we had another membership in Tuscany with the municipality of Calci and touched other regions such as Basilicata, Puglia, Sicily and Veneto with Jesolo . 


We would like this “networking for health” to be more and more widespread and for this virtuous cycle of relationships between professionals from the holistic world and institutions to expand more and more. Many contacts already started have been held back by Covid but are resuming with vigor and we are very optimistic, noting mutual respect and trust . 


Mayor Marchetti, what links the “Shiatsu Friendly” project to the city of Chianciano?

Getting to know the association and entering the world of Bio-Natural Disciplines and Shiatsu was immediately interesting. The project responded to the already present desire of the Administration, that of working more and more on a city of the future that contains the concept of “ BellEssere ”, well-being and beauty.


It is a priority to take care of yourself with good practices and lifestyles to improve your balance more and more and also find a place, internal but also physical, to achieve this goal which is also
prevention towards health . Shiatsu represents all of this and will be a useful component in tracing our address. 

After all, we are a spa town . Our Waters became part of history in the Roman Empire due to the testimony of writers and poets such as Tibullus and Horace but above all in the 17th century the city of Chianciano was re-evaluated for the preciousness of its healing waters , the first thermal establishments and from this moment the history of Chianciano is connected with the events of the Terme. 


In particular, but not only, in the secular park of the Holy Water, the waters for the treatment of the liver gush out at a temperature of 33 ° C. Already in the ancient tradition the spas, in addition to the baths with their ritual of cure, were a center of aggregation, with spaces for sports and parties, theaters, inns, restaurants, all located in nature and enriched by a fascinating panorama. Health was given importance also understood as physical motor activity, with simple walks or outdoor gymnastics . 


Today we have an Upmc  (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) headquarters in Chianciano, a medical center for carrying out preventive medicine activities for hepato-bilio-pancreatic and gastrointestinal diseases, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and  diabetes  flanked by a Health Gym that offers non-medical activities.


I also like to think about the practice of Tai Chi or Yoga . I would like to rediscover and fully realize that concept of holism that we need. 

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