Cholesterol | How to control Cholesterol

Cholesterol | How to control Cholesterol:
Cholesterol is a functional and structural component of body. It is responsible for development of new healthy cells. But as we know that: Excess of any thing is bad, as it Excess of cholesterol may cause many cardiovascular diseases. In this article I will completely discuss about cholesterol, Process behind high cholesterol level, Symptoms of High Cholesterol level, Cause of High Cholesterol level, How to control cholesterol. In this article I will focus on higher cholesterol level instead of other cardiovascular diseases.
What is Cholesterol?
It is an organic sterol. That is produced in animals. It is basic component of animal cell membrane. It is used to produce many other products in body such as Vitamin D, bile acid etc. It is lipoprotein that may produce in our body or essential for body that taken by food. It is in adequate amount is required by anybody. It is essential component of animal cell. It is produced in liver but mostly found in blood. Higher level of cholesterol may cause many heart diseases.
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Function of Cholesterol:
It is common that cholesterol is bad for health, but actually it is important for health. It is present in the each cell of the body. Some important functions of cholesterol in our body are given below:
Production of Steroid Hormone:
As we know that Steroid hormones are very important for sexual activates of body. Cholesterol is a precursor of Steroid hormones.
In Cell Structure:
It is most important component in the cell membrane of animal cell. It is found as building block of cell and present between the lipid bi layers of cell membrane. It gives integrity to cell structure that gives healthy body.
Basic component of cell:
Most of the part of brain made up off cholesterol. So for proper brain growth it is also important.
Precursor of Vitamin D:
As we Know that vitamin D is important for the growth and development of Bones and Teeth so cholesterol is also involved in development.
Involved in Digestion:
Cholesterol is also main component of bile acid. Bile acid involve in the emulsification of fat. We can say that Cholesterol is also involved in digestion.
Process behind higher Cholesterol level:
When amount of LDL (Low density lipoprotein) increases in our body then it is called higher cholesterol. It may cause accumulation of fat in arteries that leads to blockage of arteries and accumulation of plaque. This may cause atherosclerosis.
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There are two type of cholesterol:
HDL (High density Lipoprotein)
LDL (Low density lipoprotein)
HDL (High Density lipoprotein) is good cholesterol because they easily pass through the arteries due to higher density.
LDL (Low density lipoprotein) is bad cholesterol because they cannot pass through arteries due to low density.
So if the amount of LDL increases in arteries they accumulate in the surface of arteries. This accumulation converts into plaque that may leads to blockage.
Symptoms of High Cholesterol level:
It is very difficult to detect cholesterol problem in body.
Heart Pain:
It is most common symptom of high cholesterol level. Due to blockage of arteries heart pain is common. It may leads to heart attack.
Chest pain:
It is also an important symptom of high cholesterol level. Reason is same as in heart pain.
Yellowish skin:
Due to blockage of arteries, Blood supply stops. Due to the low blood supply yellowish color appears.
It is also an other most common symptom of Higher cholesterol level.
Causes of High cholesterol level in body:
Life style:
Sedentary and less active life style is responsible for the higher cholesterol level, because due to low activity fat burn stops that leads to obesity as well as Cholesterol problems.
Eating Behavior:
Irrational behavior and consumption of low quality fat may cause higher cholesterol level. That accumulates and cause blockage of arteries.
How to control Cholesterol Level?
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In the light of above discussion we can say that Cholesterol is essential for body. But due to excessive level it may cause many health related problems. So avoid to eat LDL.

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