Cheap but healthy diet? That’s how!

Cheap but healthy diet? That’s how!

Lately there are many articles that talk about ” diet on the budget ” that is, they explain how to make a healthy and healthy diet but also economic.

The problem is deeply felt : the poorest countries with high rates of diabetes and obesity, such as Chile and Colombia, complain that the cheapest products on the market are often also those with a high glycemic load .


Packets of crisps and other snacks in bags cost very little.

Which pushes many people to live that food as the basis of their diet, but the same problem is felt in Europe too.
Many dietetic or organic products have a decidedly high cost, and it is difficult for a family to deal with above-average expense items at the end of the month.

In Great Britain they have sounded the same alarm. There are more obese because of fast food, definitely cheap and ideal if you don’t have time to cook. And take away pizzas, made with bad flours and rich in toppings, are the weekly luxury.
It is difficult to find a fast food that offers rich vegetable-only salads, wholemeal products from stone-ground flours, selected vegan foods, but also quality animal proteins and fried in excellent oils.

So much so that the famous chef Jamie Olivier has raised the alarm, defending people from the poorest social classes because, in fact, a healthy diet is not often a cheap diet.

But are there any strategies for making a healthy diet that is also an economical diet?
Yes, and I’ll tell you how .

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