Characteristics of the sign of Capricorn

Characteristics of the sign of Capricorn

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are strong, determined and patient. But they will hardly reveal themselves in their true nature.


People born from December 22 to January 20 belong to the sign of Capricorn and  their astrological symbol is represented by a goat with a fish tail.

An enigmatic and somewhat dual image that combines the strength of the earth represented by the goat and the depths of the sea represented by the fish tail.

In fact, Capricorns are people with a deep emotional sphere , they can be very empathetic even if they usually do not reveal anything of their depths.

Indeed, they seem cold and calculating and do not reveal themselves to anyone , but if they become your friends you will be sure to have heart and help for life.

Their element is the  earth and they are the tenth sign of the zodiac, the last sign of the transformation of the earth element.

Hence their materialistic sideit is also balanced by a deep spiritual part .

Characteristics of the capricorn

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are determined and dedicated to work .

They have a lot of practical sense, realism and pragmatism , so much so that they know how to reckon well and follow a step by step path to achieve their goals.

Be sure that those born under the sign of Capricorn will reach their goals because they are endowed with a lot of strength and  determination , touching obstinacy when they decide to do something.

Their determination is so intense that they can pass for despotic and selfish even if in reality they are people inclined to be good leaders , efficient, organized and scrupulous.

Each step is well evaluated and they are almost never impulsive even if they still follow their natural instinct which is more made up of foresight and intuition.

Capricorn in relationships

In the field of relationships, those born in Capricorn can be excellent friends and when they decide to be next to you they are really there and you can count 100% on them.

Faithful and patient people , they know how to wait for their moment and know how to give space to the expression of the other.

On the other hand, they can be very touchy and if you do them wrong they will remember it for life.

In love, Capricorns enter with lead feet, as they take a long time before letting go and falling in love and make sure they are taking the right step.

They never let go, they are balanced and measure the pros and cons well even in love . However, it remains true that once Capricorn decides who is the right person, he knows how to follow the passion by detecting his hidden and deep sides of his soul combined with a great ability to love .

Often this sign is attracted to unreachable people , because even in this fieldthey love challenges and if they decide to love that person they will hardly change their mind.

When the Capricorn has chosen the loved one , he will do everything to ensure that the relationship is successful and for this he maintains faith in his duties and responsibilities within the couple and the family itself.

His words are sacrosanct and so is the respect and esteem that arise in the bond of love. With such a solid base, Capricorn will then be able to indulge in affection and love by creating a strong core.

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Health for Capricorn

Capricorns are people usually with strong physical stamina who play sports to keep fit and do not have major problems with their body .

Their weak point is the skeletal system and bones , especially in the knee area. Teeth and skin

can also be areas most at risk for disease. For these reasons it is good to make a good supply of mineral salts which are used to fortify the hard parts of the body. Among the medicinal plants rich in mineral salts we remember nettle and horsetail

to be taken, for example, as an herbal tea to drink.

Other mineral salt supplements are indicated, especially in the change of seasons. The skin will also need vitamins A, D, E and even C in addition to the valuable essential fatty acids .

All these substances can be taken through a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and oil seeds.

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