Cervical: how to solve the disorder

Cervical: how to solve the disorder

Neck pain is a very common disorder; what are the causes? What are the most effective and long-lasting remedies? In the article everything will be explained to you.

Cervical: how to solve the disorder

Neck pain is a particularly widespread musculoskeletal disorder ; the muscles of the neck and the muscles of the shoulder blade become tense, contract and, in the worst case scenario, become inflamed. The causes are different and in some cases there are completely natural and non-invasive remedies to treat the cervical spine .

Causes of neck pain

One of the main causes of neck pain is incorrect posture : in common jargon neck pain is associated with stress, a condition that is absolutely possible because an anxious state changes our posture, which becomes unnatural with respect to our axis.

Over time, incorrect posture puts an extreme load on the muscles, which become tense.
Another rather common cause is the excessive strain of the muscle : each plexus has a group of more or less large muscles that are able to support a maximum of weight and effort.

When the latter are prolonged beyond the maximum possibility, the muscle comes into defense by releasing an enzyme that contracts the muscle fibers in order to tie them together. The knot that is created between one fiber and the other is precisely the contracture, which creates pain.

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Effective remedies for neck pain

To dissolve the contractures it is necessary to heat the affected area with manual kneading and then act with acupressure directly on the node.

The condition of muscle tension is very different as already warm bandages can relax the area. 

The pink Himalayan salt  is one of the best natural remedies that fights muscle tension, dries moisture: the effect is immediate. 

During the inflammation phase it is good to use remedies to calm the state, before undergoing massages: the devil’s claw is one of the most used natural remedies in these cases.

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