Cervical arthrosis: symptoms, causes and remedies

Cervical arthrosis: symptoms, causes and remedies

What remedies for cervical arthrosis and how to support the paravertebral muscles. From symptoms to treatments, we go into the details of the joint pathology that leads to a deterioration of the cartilage with an attached sense of rigidity and widespread swelling.

Cervical arthrosis: symptoms, causes and remedies

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints. It is no coincidence that the final “dare” indicates the degenerative process, while “àrtron” from the Greek means precisely articulation.

To highlight this disorder are the X- rays , from which you can clearly see the possible bone deformation and its stage with possible damage to the bone heads or formation of osteophytes. Also and above all the cartilage is affected.  

The inflammation usually occurs in the hands, knees or shoulders but can also affect the cervical tract, with very painful consequences.

There is a secondary arthrosis that derives from trauma and is localized in bone points that have suffered a kickback or a strong fracture, for example after an injury.

Nutrition also plays a fundamental role and sometimes osteoarthritis derives from an excessive and habitual consumption of sugars and animal proteins or dairy products, all foods that put a strain on the internal balance of the organism.

Cervical arthrosis: symptoms and causes  

Pain and stiffness are the symptoms of this disorder that affects the bones and ends up thinning the cartilage as well. Other symptoms are generalized fatigue numbness in the arms, along with tingling and a feeling of heaviness.

Sometimes there is also a sense of vertebrae that “creak” and a continuous discomfort in the stretch of the seven cervical vertebrae. Some shoulder and arm movements can be hindered or painful in execution. Other obvious symptoms are a sense of heaviness and headache , discomfort in feeling the shoulders and back soft and warm.

Sometimes the joints swell , as well as causing pain that can be persistent or that becomes worse when the joints are touched. Heat and redness in a given area are also symptoms of osteoarthritis. But let’s take a closer look at the remedies for cervical osteoarthritis. 

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Cervical arthrosis: the remedies  

Inflammation affecting the cartilage and vertebrae at the cervical level can be dealt with with good physical therapy : the imperative is to strengthen the abdomen so as not to overload the back at the cervical level. Exercise increases blood flow, decreases pain .

If you have gained some body weight, it is better to return to the ideal weight , as the increase in load on the vertebrae does not help.

Also using lukewarm towels, lukewarm baths or showers, hot compresses that remove stiffness help a lot, as movement in water or directly hydrokinesitherapy give great benefits even in the short term. Strengthening and aerobic activities together with correct breathing facilitate the return to well-being.

Better to also review the diet , if you had exceeded with sugars and prefer hot drinks based on flaming spices such as turmeric . And don’t forget that you must always maintain good body hydration . The body without the right hydration is bound to suffer.

Acupuncture is also very useful , which is giving wonderful results in curing cervical osteoarthritis .

Let us also remember that a kyphotic attitude does not help the vertebrae and always also has an important emotional value, which concerns bending, indulging succubi, introversion and is sometimes connected with an excessive sense of duty or an exaggerated “forward projection” marked by anxiety . Even an incorrect posture held for a long time has precise emotional values ​​or is rooted in a lack of self-awareness that it is always convenient to transform, going in the direction of knowing oneself.


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