Cartilage and knee prostheses: which diet should I follow?

Cartilage and knee prostheses: which diet should I follow?

Cartilage and knee prostheses: which diet should I follow?

Any problems with your cartilage ? Anyone with a knee replacement ?

No shame, come forward, here each of us has his problems.

Each of us has had some problems with the joints, whether it be for that damned fall while playing football, whether it was that twisted ankle of many years ago that still hurts, it was the age that puts a crazy load in thinning the cartilage.

My aunt, for example, at one point had to give up and underwent surgery to replace the cartilage now worn out, after years and years of infiltrations and other soothing agents that turned out to be completely useless.

Had I known, at the time, how much a balanced diet can help our cartilage, I certainly would have made him follow it.

Which I’ve been doing for quite a while to prevent problems later in life.

Did I intrigue you?

Do you want to know what to eat so as not to damage cartilage and joints and not get to the knee prosthesis?

Although of course, especially if our joints are already damaged, there is nothing better than referring to the best professionals to assess the need for a well-made knee replacement that takes away our thoughts and brings us back to life.

My aunt is reborn, mind you.

But, but, before and after it is better to start eating better, don’t you think?

I have so many things to tell you, there is more.

Which diet to follow?

First of all, as mentioned above, almost nobody thinks about giving food information to follow, then, for a very common problem, especially in elderly people.

Many people who have joint problems must follow a specific diet that certainly does not include any type of dairy product, not even goat’s milk, which is very harmful.

In fact, dairy products, unfortunately, only inflame the cartilage and joints.

The other advice is to completely eliminate summer fruit, rich in sugars, even if natural.

And, precisely because of the sugars, the sweets .

Do you think that many people, who have followed me in recent years, have immediately found the difference with the change of diet, realizing, with each mistake, that the aches or pains were always associated with some sugar or some dairy product eaten freezing.

Possibly more protein should be eaten, at both lunch and dinner, cutting out carbohydrates, especially refined ones that are full of sugar, and with an iron supplement that aids in complete recovery or absolute prevention (which is what I’m trying to do. have been doing for a few years).

Stop eating too much tomato and too much chili, both are not suitable, because they tend to inflame.

Meat is much better, in fact, which also serves to strengthen collagen which is the fundamental protein for cartilage and tendons, even in the form of broth or eaten regularly several times a week.


Each of us in his life has had to deal with inflamed or thinning cartilage and in the most serious cases with problems that then led to knee replacement without knowing that our perfect body is always based also on what we eat and there are some foods to prefer and some to avoid so as not to worsen existing joint inflammation.

So let’s learn how to eat right to improve our body.

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