Can I eat buffalo mozzarella (lactose free) when pregnant? Here’s what I found

Can I eat buffalo mozzarella (lactose free) when pregnant? Here’s what I found

I believe there is no more delicate moment than pregnancy .

And this probably also coincides with the moment in which a woman’s certainties fail.

Also and especially when it comes to power supply .

When a woman becomes pregnant she begins a rather consistent sequence of foods that can be eaten during this gestation period and foods that are not at all recommended for pregnant women .

Today I like to talk with you about what I discovered about one of my absolute favorite foods, mozzarella, and specifically about how much and how you can eat lactose-free buffalo mozzarella when pregnant .

In the last article I talked to you about how difficult it was to find psychological reasons to start a one-month meal plan but also how many ideas were there, instead, every day to motivate yourself slowly.

Pregnancy needs even more attention and motivation but, above all, it needs dietary attention.

So can you or can’t eat mozzarella when pregnant?

Lactose-free buffalo mozzarella during pregnancy

Mozzarella yes or mozzarella no?

The important thing, in pregnancy, as you well know, is to choose products that are guaranteed and checked in all respects. Raw foods, species of dubious origin, are banned, yes to fruit and vegetables if washed carefully with water and bicarbonate.

And the mozzarella?

Well, buffalo mozzarella is, first of all, a main food in our Mediterranean diet.

The lactose -free buffalo mozzarella can be considered highly digestible and also consumable by those who have big problems of intolerance.

The fundamental thing, however, to be able to consume mozzarella while pregnant is to eat it very fresh, sealed.

Mozzarella must be the product of pasteurized milk, therefore without bacteria.

It is not possible to consume a mozzarella that has been too exposed to the air, however it is better also in the refrigerator that it is stored in its seriously, which is already highly antibacterial.

Discount products of dubious origin are absolutely intolerable, yes to mozzarella produced well, with all the trappings of the law and of which we know the name and tradition.

As in all things, since mozzarella is a food rich in calcium, excellent for the growth of the fetus, it is necessary to be able to recognize all the steps in the quality chain.

Recognizing the origin of a product helps us a lot in all delicate cases, such as pregnancy, in which we have the doubt of not being able to eat something.


So can I eat buffalo mozzarella (lactose free) when pregnant?

Absolutely yes, especially lactose-free because it is much more digestible without, however, reducing the properties contained in the product.

Attention, a lot of attention, to the origin of the mozzarella, to how it was produced, from which animals and with milk, absolutely, pasteurized in order not to risk infections.
Also check that the mozzarella has not been out of the fridge or its serum for too long, so as not to fear the proliferation of bacteria.

With these small indications, even during pregnancy, you can taste one of the best foods of the Italian Mediterranean diet.
To be eaten fresh, in fact, with a nice tomato salad (washed with water and bicarbonate, don’t forget it!), Oil, salt, oregano and a few fresh basil leaves for a delicious summer dish to be enjoyed.

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