Burn calories in 8 minutes of training

Burn calories in 8 minutes of training

A very simple training plan that can be essential for burning calories if we do not train, if we train but do not have the gym available for a period, if for practical problems we never have time to do physical activity.
Short but intense, this training plan of only 8 minutes allows us to increase metabolism and burn calories without too much effort. And without any tools! We can do it at home, outside, wherever we want. Here is step by step how to do it.

After a light warm-up with a 30-second jog in place, you are ready to go .
Then perform with a 10-second pause between one exercise and another:
15 jumping jacks
 ( watch the exercise here)
20 bunny hops 
 ( see the exercise here)
25 skip 
 (run with knees raised in place: alternatively 15 jumps with the rope)
Pause for 20 seconds after the third exercise and repeat the pattern 8 times.

You can repeat this workout 3 to 4 times a weekto get a metabolic boost and burn more calories than normal. On non-training days, try doing some push-ups, some crunches (abdominals) and bodyweight squats for a total of 5-10 minutes to tone your body. After the first 4 weeks , if you want to continue the plan, reverse the exercises in 15 skips, 20 jumping jacks and 25 bunny hops and halve the final pause time between sets in 10 seconds. You can extend your training time by doing two more laps, but don’t overdo it!

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