Blackburn diet for fast weight loss

Blackburn diet for fast weight loss

The Blackburn diet is a crash diet based on protein-sparing modified fast for 3 weeks for fast weight loss. This is a ketogenic diet protocol very similar to the Atkins diet, but predates the latter and used in some specialized weight loss clinics.

In Italy, the Blackburn diet is also known as the blackburn protocol or holoprotein diet.


Dr. George Blackburn , creator of the diet, was in fact a doctor who spent his life in the treatment of obesity, to create this low-calorie and protein dietary protocol, to be followed up to 21 days to lose even 8 or 12 kilos thanks to certain rules.
Twenty-one days of protein diet and gradual reintroduction of carbohydrate-based foods to avoid regaining the weight lost. Works?
Like any ketogenic diet, the Blackburn diet works if periodized, that is, if you don’t extend it yourself. And if the maintenance is done well with the gradual introduction of carbohydrates.


As already mentioned in the introduction, the Blackburn diet is a diet of only 3 weeks, very low-calorie and restrictive. In the three-week phase of the Blackburn diet, you cannot eat grains, fruit, baked goods of any kind, any type of sugar, no fruit, legumes and tubers.
You can eat: low glycemic index vegetables (see list on page two), meat or fish and especially protein shakes. Unlike other protein diets, the Blackburn diet excludes dairy products and aged cheeses but also eggs (egg whites can be taken) and is not hyperproteic. This is because the regimen is also low-calorie and low-fat. The scheme is very simple and must be followed for 21 days under medical supervision.

This aspect is essential. The doctor must therefore be strictly warned if you follow a drastic regimen such as the Blackburn diet, because it is not free from side effects and contraindications.
In particular, those with circulation problems and heart, liver, kidney, depressive and thyroid problems cannot do this regimen. Let ‘s see an example of a diet plan on page two.

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