Bariatric surgery can poison your body

Bariatric surgery can poison your body

It is considered one of the most effective strategies for losing weight: it is bariatric surgery, an operation that can be performed in different ways, and which until now has always presented a low percentage of risk for the patient.

But a newly released study reveals a dark side of bariatric surgery. And not just that.

In fact, the same applies to severely obese people who lose body fat too quickly as we shall see.

That is the risk of toxin poisoning.


To understand what it is we must first make a small premise on body fat.

As I have already explained in other articles, body fat is not an inert mass of flab, but a real organ of our body. In fact, it is connected to our immune system and has a defensive role.

When we follow a wrong diet, rich in substances dangerous to health including contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, these substances are captured by the fat cells of our body, the adipocytes.

Today a study reveals that with bariatric surgery there is a risk that, due to excessive lipolysis due to drastic weight loss as a result of surgical reduction of the stomach, the fat cells are emptied to be used for energy purposes.

In fact, weight loss is the loss of body fat, defined as net lipolysis .

Our adipocytes are not destroyed, but are emptied of fatty acids, which are released into the blood because we eat less and the body uses them for energy. This is how we lose weight.
Adipocytes also contain water.
And it is in the water that the particles of pollutants are found.

By losing weight, the dangerous substances that the body has stored over the years in the fat cells to render them harmless, are now released into the blood along with the fatty acids.

And then they can poison us.
In fact, the researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery who carried out the study analyzed the blood samples of 26 patients who lost drastically after surgery.
And what did they find?

High levels of toxins in the blood, including pesticides, and heavy metals.
However, this means something else. And this thing concerns you if you are very overweight or obese.

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