Let’s discover the power of Crucial’s new Ballistix Elite 16GB DDR4-3600 UDIMM with our review!

If you’re looking to supercharge your gaming platform, then you’ll be curious to see if Crucial’s 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3600  UDIMMs are right for you. Let’s find out together.

Technical specifications

First we are going to list the basic features of this new and performing hardware. The 16 GB DDR4-3600 UDIMMs,  reach the speed of 3600 Mhz s, are equipped with a heat spreader that makes them always fresh, guaranteeing very high performance. They are also designed to support the latest platforms: AMD and Intel. Without going too far, we leave you with the complete list:

  • Speed ​​up to 3600 Mhz
  • Radically increases memory bandwidth
  • Menacing black heat spreader and PCB
  • The unique Ballistix® MOD utility and thermal sensor allow for real-time temperature monitoring
  • Ready for AMD® Ryzen ™
  • XMP 2.0 profiles for easy installation and configuration
  • Optimized for the latest Intel® platforms
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty *
  • Brand: Ballistix
  • Total capacity: 16GB kit (8GBx2)
  • Specifications: DDR4 PC4-28800 • 16-18-18 • Unbuffered • NOT EXC • DDR4-3600 • 1.35V • 1024Meg x 64 •
  • Series: Ballistix Elite
  • Form factor: UDIMM
  • Kit Qty: 2
  • Voltage: 1.35V
  • DIMM Type: Unbuffered

There is little to add, after reading the technical characteristics of this product, it is clear to understand how Crucial ‘s Ballistix Elite are a product with very high potential. They are configured to give their best from the moment they come out of the box and are mounted on even the latest generation systems. It was super easy to install the RAM on our PC, after a few minutes we installed the modules on our Intel Core i9 motherboard, which detected them immediately.

The basic settings take advantage of the RAM at 3600, but if you want to “waste” a few more minutes, modifying some setups can bring them to a higher speed of 3800. Some at this moment have pushed the Ballistix even further the recommended capacities (considering that some overclokers have made the most of the design of these new RAM and thanks to a real-time monitoring of the hardware temperature) and managed to reach 5758 Mhz. Obviously, this type of modification, as well as being recommended only for experts, voids the guarantee, so even the smallest error could lead to serious consequences.


We tested several programs and games to see the real potential of the B allistix 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3600 UDIMMs. Among the programs used we have used, AIDA64 , PCMARK10, Cinebench r15 CPU , a title like League of Legends , RAGE 2 and Sekiro .

With AIDA 64, we were able to measure the bandwidth and latency of the CPU and system memory caches. Already with this test accessible to all we have noticed that the Ballistix Elite have recorded excellent results compared to its direct competitors:

Default settings (3600 Mhz)

  • 52.281 (Write)
  • 50.591 (Read)
  • 45.311 (Copy)

Overclocked (3866)

  • 54.940 (Write)
  • 53.113 (Read)
  • 47.482 (Copy)

With PCMARK 10 you can carry out many tests that simulate the activity carried out in modern work environments. Thanks to these tests that you can customize to bring them closer to your needs, this is one of the most reliable and reliable results at this time. Although we tried to make the most of the use of our PC, these new RAMs responded positively to the stress, placing themselves at a higher level than its rivals.

Default settings (3000) Overclocked (3866)
7083 7279

Cinebench , on the other hand, replicates the power of a 3D engine to accurately evaluate the rendering performance capabilities of the CPU on various systems and platforms. For over a decade, Cinebench has been a popular tool for evaluating hardware performance. The score here was similar to previous benchmarks in terms of high performance, however no noticeable difference when we overclocked it.

Default settings (3600) Overclocked (3866)
2525 (multi-core) 2537 (multi-core)
195 (Single-Core) 195 (Single-Core)

Even the video game tests went very well, thanks to the reduction in bandwidth, playing online becomes even more fun. Players interested in online competitions, can feel comfortable with the purchase of this product, because if configured carefully and with the right components close to them, they will be able to find a respectable device. Even for very demanding and chaotic titles like RAGE 2 we have noticed small improvements, but in general there is little to underline, because the exploitation of resources is balanced and there have been no signs of burdening.Ballistix Elite 16GB

Final conclusions

Crucial’s Ballistix 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3600 UDIMM should definitely be for you if you are looking to upgrade your PC to ensure high performance especially in terms of gaming . By equipping your machine with the right components, the overall PC performance will level up and the improvements will be noticeable.

These RAMs are made on purpose to guarantee solidity , speed and power to your PC, thanks to the heat diffuser your devices can give you a lot of satisfactions:

Open fire with a speed that can go up to 3600 Mhz. Outwit your enemies with radically increased bandwidths. Tap into the improved responsiveness, increased frame rates and optimized latencies of Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory for an unreal gaming experience. Ballistix Elite powers multi-core processors and eliminates memory bottlenecks with the fastest Ballistix speeds and bandwidth available.

With an elegant design these new RAMs are suitable for all users who need fast performance, and for those who love to customize their PC. Precisely for this reason Ballistix wanted to release an updated SKU based on quality, power and aesthetics. Sure they are not the cheapest around (the price is currently € 102.99), but they are certainly eye-catching and with an XMP to be enabled simply by going into the BIOS.

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