Ayahuasca for businessmen

Ayahuasca for businessmen

Ayahuasca: from a hallucinogenic drink used by traditional Amazonian shamans and healers, to a tool for businessmen and managers and business coaching retreats. Here are the new uses of this psychedelic plant.


Feared and coveted, ayahuasca has strong hallucinogenic effects such as to directly affect the body through chemical mechanisms yet to be discovered. 


Used in the traditional and mystical medicine of Peru, Brazil and Colombia , for some Amazonian populations it represents an integral element of the cultural identity to which they are part.


In ancient times, it was mainly used by shamans : people who dealt with healing with herbs and whose task was to create a bridge between ordinary reality and more subtle energy levels , to solve health or relational problems. within the community, to have advice from individuals belonging to other dimensions (such as guiding spirits and the dead) or to have a more accurate knowledge of oneself and draw on one’s unconscious to act better in one’s life. 


Ayahuasca for businessmen

This ancient shamanic practice, however, is observed with some interest by an interesting part of the capitalist world: the businessmen . 


Nothing new, to be honest. In the “respectable” Silicon Valley, a hotbed of technological and cultural avant-gardes, Steve Jobs himself declared to his biographer that the use of LSD had been a profound experience for him, free from the mere stun fun of drug use. 


Over time, numerous psychedelic experiments with natural or chemical substances have entered the life of managers and leaders of large companies .


To date, ayahuasca is experiencing a moment of particular clamor: in the heart of the Amazon luxury resorts have sprung up in which the participants, followed by life coaches, mentors and shamans  , dedicate themselves to the search for new introspective and professional methods through the use of guided and monitored of ayahuasca.  



How training courses with ayahuasca work

The costs are high, even at the level of personal commitment: according to the testimonies of some participants it seems that ayahuasca has a great influence on the body , as well as on the mind, and that it is associated with episodes of uncontrolled hallucinations, vomiting and widespread pain, but also a strong detoxification and intimate feeling of rebirth .


Combined with life design , according to which economic success is a direct consequence of the state of inner balance between vocation and commitment, ayahuasca, with its contribution to access the unconscious and the spiritual part of oneself, seems to be able to unlock many existential situations and give an evolutionary push to those who make appropriate use of them. 


And by appropriate use we mean a real training course : a period of pre-retreat preparation, constant assistance during the use of this herb, often also supported by other oriental disciplines  such as yoga and meditation , and a subsequent follow up, for avoid that the results achieved are lost in everyday life. 


From the herbal point of view, ayahuasca is an infusion consisting of two plants: the b anisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis . The first has the task of preventing the liver from getting rid of DMT, an active ingredient present in the second plant and which has the hallucinogenic effect. The plants are collected by a shaman during coded ritual phases and infused for 16 hours .


In Italy ayahuasca is known to most as a drug with powerful and devastating effects, but also in our country you can find courses and retreats that provide for a conscious and monitored consumption, especially organized by American institutions. 

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