Atherosclerosis | Side effects Low Quality fat:

Atherosclerosis | Side effects Low Quality fat:

As we know that there more 17 million peoples died due to cardiovascular diseases. It may be due to some nutritional unawareness, Or due to climatic changes or irrational feeding behavior. In this article I will discuss about a most common cardiovascular disease that is called atherosclerosis. It is very severe disease, I will discuss completely about atherosclerosis, its causes, its symptoms, Process involved in atherosclerosis and most important some tips to reduce the risk and cure to atherosclerosis. In this article I will focus on atherosclerosis instead of other cardiovascular diseases.

What is Atherosclerosis?

It is disease of heart in which arteries of blood stiffened. Actually it is disease in which fat, Cholesterol and plaque accumulate in arteries. It may cause Inflation of arteries that supply oxygen to the body. That leads to cardiovascular disease or may be heart attack in severe conditions. At initial stage it is treatable but at harsh or last stage it is difficult to cure it.

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Process behind Atherosclerosis:

Due to the intake of lower quality oil or fat, bad cholesterol accumulate in the arteries that supply blood oxygen and nutrients to the other organs. This accumulation is called “Plaque”. And this plaque leads to the blockage of arteries. Aging is also involved in atherosclerosis. With the time passage some elastic and soft arteries become stiffed that are responsible for high blood pressure and blockage of blood and nutrients. In some severe conditions atherosclerosis is responsible for brain hemorrhage due to hypertension. It is also responsible for the blockage of heart valve that disturb heart beat and leads to heart attack.

Symptoms of Atherosclerosis:

There are may be no symptoms for acute form of atherosclerosis. But in severe condition in chronic type it shows some harsh diseases. These symptoms are given below:


It is a silent symptom for atherosclerosis. Patient may feel fatigue and weakness. It is due the improper supply of blood and nutrients to the tissues. Due to improper supply of blood they reduce their functions.

Chest pain:

It is most common disease in atherosclerosis. It is due to the blockage of arteries that supply blood to the heart.

Yellowish color:

It is also a most common symptom for atherosclerosis, It is also related to improper supple of blood.

Kidney Failure:

In some cases it may fail kidneys due to high blood pressure.

Pain in leg and arm:

Pain in leg and arm are also symptoms for atherosclerosis.

Reduce capability of vision:

It is also other symptom for atherosclerosis.


Causes of Atherosclerosis:

Atherosclerosis is nutritional disease as well as it is also cause bye aging. So due to aging it is inevitable process. Some important causes of atherosclerosis are given below:

Nutritional Unawareness:

It is most important cause of atherosclerosis as well as many other diseases. We are using low quality fat instead of edible version of oil. Due to low quality of oil it is rich in bad cholesterol so this LDL low density lipoproteins cholesterol accumulate and form plaque on the surface of arteries.

High Blood Pressure:

It is also another cause for this disease. We can say that high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are directly proportional to each other. If risk of one increase then other may causes dangerous results.


Tobacco is injurious to your health. It causes atherosclerosis and other many harmful diseases in human body.

Diabetes Miletus:

As we know that Diabetes is silent killer it may cause many diseases in human body. As it hyperglycemia causes accumulation of plaque on the walls that leads to atherosclerosis.

How to cure Atherosclerosis:

Change your Diet plan:

If you want to reduce risk of atherosclerosis then you should change your diet plan with higher intake of fiber and good quality fat.

Change your life style:

If you have atherosclerosis then you should to be changing your life style and exercise regularly.


At the end in the light of discussion we can say that atherosclerosis is very dangerous disease that may leads to heart attack, we should be careful about this disease.

If you want to know more about cardiovascular diseases then click on this link to read our complete article about cardiovascular diseases.



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