Here is our review of the Asus ROG Delta gaming headset, a versatile and quality headset for every conceivable platform.

As usual, the Asus ROG brand presents itself on the market by offering exceptional products, which aim to successfully satisfy the most demanding users, especially as regards the gaming world. Among its lineup we also find several headphones, which guarantee aggressive and particular designs, together with various peculiarities and an always satisfactory background quality. We want to deepen today the Asus ROG Delta, high-end gaming headphones, available in black and white colors, which in the face of a rather high cost (we are talking about almost € 200 at present) promises really well. We have had the opportunity to try them in different game sessions, as well as with further uses, and we are here to tell you about them. It is a versatile product, which adapts to all environments and not just the world of the PC, let’s find out all the details in the next lines.

The versatility of the Asus ROG Delta

Once the package is opened, as for the aggressively designed ROG products, we find the headphones, the microphone, two additional earpads and a USB C to USB 2.0 adapter. This is where the first surprise comes, the versatility of the headphones is guaranteed by a basic type-C attack, therefore suitable for new generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X), as well as for phones. We anticipate it immediately, their cost is also given by the guarantee of being able to enjoy an excellent product in really every field, which is really rare. The headphones already have two pads for the mounted pavilions, these have Memory Foam padding and genuine leather upholstery, the latter present in the box are instead covered with fabric. The contents of the package certainly do not scream a miracle, but it has all the essentials to be able to use them.

Asus ROG DeltaThe Asus ROG Delta weigh 387 grams, luckily they have a well padded headband that does not make this detail weigh even for long gaming sessions. They appear to be very robust , perfect to last over time, you immediately notice that they will certainly not go into a thousand pieces with a few falls. The plastic used does indeed have premium feedback, just like the design. Their name, Delta, in fact recalls the letter of the Greek alphabet for a specific reason: the D-shape of the pavilions. These are decidedly more comfortable than the usual ovals and circles for those who do not have particularly large ears, but they could cause discomfort for these users. Can’t miss the LEDs, placed on the ROG logo of the pavilions and on the perimeter of the same, fully configurable by the Armory II software which we will discuss later. The controls are few but essential, excellent for avoiding confusion, in fact it is only possible to adjust the volume, change the microphone and disable the RGB LEDs. But what headset would it be without audio?

Premium headphones, not to be underestimated

The Asus ROG Delta headphones come with   ESS Technology ‘s ESS 9218 SABER Quad-DAC , that is a converter able to process all frequencies with excellent results. The audio drivers are this time of 50mm with neodymium magnet, this is an Asus Essence detail. Thanks to these specifications, the headset allows a cleaning of the general audio, which is perfect especially once the 7.1 surround is correctly activated, which allows excellent localization of noise for competitive games and for more immersive experiences. Even listening to music, or any other type of sound, the user will hardly be disappointed, even if given their versatility the headphones may be less recommended for those who want a specific type of listening other than gaming. The result is also excellent as regards the microphone, which can be attached and removed via jack,

Last, but certainly not least, is the Armory II software, which together with the Armory Crate hub allows you to modify every single parameter. Let’s talk about the 7.1 Surround activation to begin with, but also about the possibility of modifying every single minutia of the audio, in order to adapt the headphones for each use, which always manages to be fully satisfied. There are also the usual standard parameters, perfect for users who want a quality audio in general, without particularly going crazy with the settings. The same also applies to the microphone, accompanied by some options such as the Noise Gate and the Perfect Voice, and adjustable just like for the incoming audio.

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