The entire new range of Asus ROG peripherals and laptops without compromise: CES 2021 brings us very important news both in the field

Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) has always been the reference point for PC hardware: this year the news from CES 2021 are many and many others will be in the making, as well as a beautiful final surprise. Let’s start by talking about peripherals and then head to the beating heart of this all-virtual conference proposed via streaming for obvious problems related to COVID 19 which apparently we will carry on in all the 2021 meetings.

ROG Claymore II

In 2016 an innovative and sparkling keyboard arrived on the market but let’s face it: at the time the market was already saturated with unbeatable giants and the small weapon from Asus was struggling to find a space of its own. From this year things will change: the Claymore II keyboard comes with a minimalist and multicolored designPowered by an interchangeable numeric keypad that can be moved to both the right and left of the keyboard with a simple movement (hey left-handed friends? You heard that right!), the keypad itself has four pre-programmable keys each of which can hold five profiles of your choice linked for example to the build of a game for which with one pressure you could tank your warrior and with two let him be a ferocious assassin. The choice is yours, you can also decide to completely remove the keypad and have more space for the mouse. Nova switch technology that allows the keystroke with 1.5 grams of weight and an excellent USB Type-C cablefor both wired and wireless use, in this mode you can play for four hours with Bluetooth 2.4 technology at zero lag or fourteen hours straight if you give up the lighting effects of the keys.

Mouse Gladius III

Mouse, Mouse or more simply modern weapon: this object seems to be the love and hate of every player and yet it has not stopped being here with us for over thirty years. The new Gladius III is equipped with Bluetooth 2.4 and two other zero-lag communication channels, a state-of-the-art optical laser that recognizes the surface it is aiming at for maximum performance, up to 19,000 DPI at the player’s choice and a USB Type-C for fast charging and fast data passage, usable for over eight hours of constant play and also available in fully wired mode depending on your needs.


The name is complex but on the other hand this aims to be the new reference point for screens both in the PC and console field! Available in 28 or 32 and 36 inches, this screen allows a resolution in 4k at 120hrz with HDMI 2.1 for consoles and up to 360hrz in 2K for PC, Gsync, one millisecond of response for an uncompromising monitor.

Portable PCs

All new laptops are equipped with liquid metal technology for immediate cooling, to lower the noise from 45 to 40 decibels new design for the fan that simulates the wings of an owl for maximum silence and maximum ventilation around the fan itself. Dolby Atmos for stunning sound and dual channel for noise cancellation . Do you want the top of the top in the gaming field? Strix Scar 17 is for you with integrated mechanical keyboard and NVIDIA DYNAMIC BOOST, you can customize your profile with the special red button on the right, and great matches with battery + 50% life compared to the previous model! Do you want maximum yield and minimum effort? Zephyrous Duo 15 special edition with double screen incorporating a screen capable of running in 4k at 133hrz or in full hd at 300hrz is a real must have: fully customizable and with two screens to keep everything under control. Not only a gamer but also a worker well here is Zephyrus G15 with RTX 3080 defines itself as the product at 360 degrees for gaming and for work thanks to its 6 speakers, battery for 13 hours of videobut if you want something more compact there is the G14 with integrated 3060 and smaller dimensions! Last but not least we find the brand new ROG FLOW G13 the smallest and most powerful of the series 15mm high for 1.3kg you can flip and make a tablet or a portable screen for consoles 10 hours of video for the battery. Do you want more power for your games? XGMOBILE is a portable graphics card that weighs 1kg and produces the power of an RTX 3080: you will not need to bring a new power supply because the external graphics card feeds with that of the PC without problems.

The surprises do not end here because you can download a “game” from Steam that will allow you to see these products on your PC and try them in a 3D environment directly from home, another innovation never seen before!

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