In Milan, we at Game Legends were invited to attend the presentation of the Windows Mixed Reality HC102, the new peripheral …

In Milan, we at Game Legends were invited to attend the presentation of the Windows Mixed Reality HC102 , the new VR peripheral made in ASUS , and we also had the opportunity to touch the product with our hands… the result was really interesting! The new “trinket” of the house is a wonderful object , created with obsessive care and designed for maximum comfort and efficiency both externally, resulting in ease of use and installation that is at basic levels, both internally. , of performance, capable of giving amazing resolutions up to 3K, sharp images and fluidity to sell. But let’s go into more detail, let’s see what it really has to offer us!

hc102The viewer

Starting from the outside, what we find in front of us is a product with a truly captivating design consisting of three elements, namely the viewer and the two controllers. The latter have a simple and interesting aesthetic, functional , with 32 LEDsuseful for tracking movements and the surrounding environment. As for the headset, we immediately noticed its design, dry and pleasant, provides a certain comfort, allowing the user to wear it easily and allow gaming sessions without experiencing facial stress. Of course, we cannot guarantee 100% the total absence of motion sickness, nor of muscular stress especially during (or after) long sessions, but in our tests we were not victims of any side effects that usually these devices still have. bring with them. The materials are also of some importance, which in addition to allowing a certain solidity to the product and an extraordinarily light weight (it is less than 400 grams!), are also antibacterial and breathable, this denotes an attention to detail by the developers, who have given a certain relevance also to the not so obvious hygienic side.

The developer philosophy is simple: Bring VR technology to every home. Simple, of course, but difficult to put into practice. At home ASUS it is well known that not everyone has superhuman specifications PCs, for this reason the HC102 has been designed to support software that can also work on a simple Intel integrated graphics card , allowing you to take advantage of your viewer on most computers. A line of thought that, as already mentioned, wants to try to further extend the VR market and allow this technology to enter every family. This is also thanks to the excellent support on the software level with which this product can work: the Windows Mixed Reality HC102can access a library of 20,000 software from the Windows Store and 2,000 software from the Steam platform .

Our proof

We got to try out the HC102 with a couple of titlesand the result was quite satisfactory. The first title was a simple shooter: motionless we had to take out a series of waves of enemies that seemed sprawling equipped with a series of firearms (and even a shield). The game turned out to be fun, fluid and also quite engaging, so much so that a HUD integrated into the game was used to increase the immersion: the information relating to the weapons, such as the viewfinder and the remaining ammunition, were visible directly on the rifle, so to aim we really had to use the mounted sight and to know how much ammunition we still had at our disposal, we had to look at the special display. In the total simplicity of the title (after which no type of motion sickness was felt), the VR and its small controllers flexed their muscles.

The second title tried simply had the role of introducing us to virtual reality, making us move room by room throughout an apartment furnished (rather well) with all the comforts, the feeling, although rather obvious, was that of really being in a house.

As you understand, our first feedback is more than positive! The product is of excellent workmanship and of great perspective, like the philosophy behind it. Obviously, this is far from being a review, but a first approach to the new ASUS jewel , which will subsequently be tested on many other titles marketed on the platforms we have discussed above. Therefore, we will have to wait for a report and we can only invite you to stay tuned to our information channels.
Below, we leave you a table with the specifications, remembering that the price is around 449 euros , in line with the other viewers.

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