Just today ASUS presented to the world its brand new Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura, the first motherboard in the world designed …

Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura

Just today ASUS unveiled its brand new Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura to the world, the world’s first motherboard specifically designed for 3D printing applications and
featuring Aura RGB LED lighting. Thanks to this innovative lighting system and the possibility of modifying some parts using your 3D printer, you will have the opportunity to make this motherboard unique.6ed141c793e29ec8f2d06b354aa442d8815350e3-z170-pro-gaming-aura-with-3d-printed-m-2-fan-holder-and-io-and-cable-covers_w438_h580

The Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura, in addition to including many exclusive features that guarantee the best possible gaming experience, includes several technologies that increase overclocking performance, thus ensuring maximum customization.  ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura embodies the Make It Your Own 3D Printing project , already shown by ASUS at Computex 2016 on several modified X99 motherboards and concept designs. This motherboard allows maximum freedom to mount custom 3D printed components; enthusiasts and modders will be able to download, design and print personalized plates and integrate them on the motherboard.It will also be possible to create customized solutions to manage cables, thanks to the different source files for 3D printing that ASUS intends to make available.

To further customize their creations, enthusiasts can take advantage of Aura , the exclusive RGB LED lighting technology created by ASUS that allows in a very simple and intuitive way to illuminate the motherboard with an infinite range of color combinations , thus creating fascinating and fun special effects synchronized via some simple software controls. This intuitive interface allows you to characterize the system with a fantastic multicolored luminescence including: static effect, breath effect, stroboscopic, color cycle, to which is added the possibility to change the color tones to indicate the CPU temperature, to make the colors pulsate to the rhythm of the music or take advantage of other effects including: Rainbow, Comet, Flash and Dash, Wave, Starry Night and Glowing Yo-Yo .

Ideal for gaming, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura includes  SUPREMEFX technology that ensures high fidelity audio without quality losses thanks to the signal-to-noise ratio of 115dB and Nichicon audio components that reproduce a warmer and more natural sound. This technology ensures effective shielding against electromagnetic interference, preserving the integrity of the audio signals for better sound quality. It incorporates a 300ohm amplifier to support the best headphones available thus offering an exceptional listening experience for both music, gaming, and audio in a more general sense. To offer help on the playing field, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura uses SONIC RADAR II technology insteadwhich displays, superimposed on the screen, a “stealth” image that shows what enemies and teammates are doing ; everything is managed through a simple and intuitive control panel. Sonic Radar II detects the direction and origin of sounds during the game, thus improving the ability to detect the enemy; In addition, the audio enhancement technology purifies all sound, technology that will allow you to hear enemies even from a distance and to understand precisely where each shot is coming from.1b6207a9da5572433a34a123416ac15b79019ab1-z170-pro-gaming-aura_3d-printed-protective-armor_w443_h580

Using the new Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller , the Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura reduces CPU overhead by delivering exceptionally high performance with TCP and UDP protocols , thus leaving more computing power available for gaming. The motherboard also includes the exclusive ASUS LANGUARD with signal coupling technology that ensures more reliable connections and better throughput, while ESD GUARD protects all components from electrostatic discharge. GAMEFIRST IVoptimizes network traffic and prioritizes game-related packets, thus ensuring faster, latency-free online gaming. There is also a new intelligent mode, which automatically populates a database by analyzing new data to ensure that each game is optimized for best performance.

Including RAMCACHE intelligent technology , the Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura caches an entire storage device with great efficiency so that your favorite apps and games can be launched in the blink of an eye for use the moment they are activated.

5-WAY OPTIMIZATION technology automates the tuning process to instantly boost performance while maintaining maximum control . This exclusive ROG technology dynamically optimizes essential aspects of the system based on the use of ASUS TPU, EPU , Digi + voltage regulator module , Fan Xpert 3 and Turbo App , to exploit the full potential of the CPU , ensure energy savings daily, ensure extremely stable digital power supply and quiet, efficient fans, and tailored audio and network settings for your favorite apps and games, all with just one click.

The Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura will guarantee you the best performance from the overclocking of your RAM and your CPU. In fact, thanks to the second generation ASUS T-TOPOLOGY technology, this motherboard will allow you to overclock the DDR4 memory up to 3466MHz, thus ensuring a time-aligned signal transfer to improve compatibility and memory stability levels. In addition, thanks to the PRO CLOCK technology that adopts a dedicated BCLK generator and designed for 6th generation Intel processors, the Z170 Pro Gaming / Aura allows you to reach base-clock frequencies of 400 MHz or higher with overclocking.. This custom solution works in tandem with the ASUS TurboV Processing Unit to improve voltage control and overclocking.

There are so many protections implemented on this new motherboard, starting with the GAMER’S GUARDIAN components , which include the brand new  ASUS SAFESLOT , an improved PCI-Express slot that adopts a new insert molding process that fixes the slot to a metal structure of reinforcement to offer superior stability and strength. The Digi + VRM module ensures
smooth and precise powering of the CPU and DRAM Overcurrent Protection technology with resettable fuses, superior quality inductors and long-life capacitors.

Intelligent Do-It-Yourself features include the installation of single-clip Q-Slot graphics cards and single-sided clip-on Q-DIMM memory slots for extremely simple and safe handling of RAM modules . Q-Shield protects against scratches and cuts during assembly, while four Q-LED indicators  warn of any problems with the CPU , memory, graphics card or boot device, allowing for quick diagnosis. In addition,  ASUS ESD GUARDS technology actively protects against sudden electrostatic discharges, USB, LAN and audio ports.

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