April 10, World Day of Homeopathic Medicine

April 10, World Day of Homeopathic Medicine

The tenth edition of the World Homeopathic Medicine Day will be held on Wednesday 10 April. It will be possible to take advantage of free visits to the doctors, dentists and veterinarians participating in the initiative.


What is World Homeopathic Medicine Day

The 10th International Day of Homeopathic Medicine will be held on Wednesday 10 April 2019 .


For Italy, the campaign “We’re fine … of course!” , promoted by AMIOT (the Italian Medical Association of Homotoxicology) with the support of GUNA, the leading pharmaceutical company in Italy in “low dose medicine”.


On the occasion of the World Day of Homeopathic Medicine it will in fact be possible to contact the participating doctors, dentists and veterinarians, who will offer free consultations and checks throughout the national territory.


The population will therefore be able to rely, free of charge, on a network of professionals available for a free consultation or to provide clarifications on low-dose therapies.


The aim of the initiative is to  raise awareness and educate the population about the correct lifestyles to maintain in order to take care of themselves and prevent various diseases; from seasonal ills, to allergies , to chronic pains.


During the day of April 10th there will also be a way to inform patients about cutting-edge therapies and to update operators in the sector on the latest news relating to homeopathy and complementary medicines.


Who to contact to book a visit

Anyone wishing to  book a visit or consultation at a doctor, dental or veterinary office can visit the website of the initiative .


Alternatively, to find out about the participating medical, dental and veterinary practices , AMIOT has made available a toll-free number (800-385014) and an e-mail address .


The numbers of the 2018 edition

AMIOT hopes to repeat the success of the last edition again this year.


In fact, in 2018, 534 medical, dental and veterinary practices , as well as 1,800 pharmacies and parapharmacies  , joined the World Day of Homeopathic Medicine . These numbers made it possible to cover 102 provinces on the national territory.


Last year, about a thousand people contacted the toll-free number to ask for advice, especially on rheumatic diseases, allergies, gastrointestinal, dental and dermatological problems.

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