Agate: all properties and benefits

Agate: all properties and benefits

 Agate is a useful stone against impotence and headaches, which allows to obtain concentration, clarity and safety, guaranteeing protection and purity. Let’s find out better.

>   1. Description of the Agate

>   2. Element

>   3. Chakra connected to the Agate

>   4. Mythology

>   5. Effect on the body of the Agate 

>   6. Effect on the psyche

>   7. How to use Agate


Description of the Agate

Mineral class: oxides, quartz group.

Chemical formula: SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe, Mn

Agate is formed in a hydrothermal environment, in volcanic rocks poor in silicic acid . In the cavities that are formed during the cooling of the magma due to the presence of air bubbles, solutions of this acid are collected which then form deposits of small crystals in layers along the walls.

This growth process determines in agate its characteristic striped coloring, to which inclusions of various specimens of the group of quartzes ( rock crystal , amethyst ), of some members of the chalcedony family (chalcedony, carnelian, onyx) and of jasper , forming patches or designs of concentric bands with shades ranging from blue-gray to red and yellow.

If the crystals completely fill the cavity we will speak of an agate “almond”, if instead it remains partially empty then it is a “geode”.


Depending on the variety and color, agate can be associated with various elements ( Fire : brown, black, red; Earth : white and black, musky, green; Water : blue) and their respective characteristics related to energy and to strength, fertility, peace and well-being, emotions and sensitivity.

Chakra connected to the Agate

  • First chakra Muladhara  (“Root”) for black and gray stones;
  • Second chakra Svadhishthana  (“Abdomen”) for the striped type with a prevalence of orange and fire;
  • Third chakra Manipura  (“Navel and Solar Plexus”) for those with a prevalence of shades of yellow;
  • Fourth chakra Anahata  (“Heart”) for the green and pink, musky varieties;
  • Fifth chakra Vishudda  (“Throat”) for the blue one.


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The name agate comes from the Greek “ achates ”, the ancient name of the Sicilian river Dirillo on whose banks it was found in abundance in ancient times. Agate
played the role of protective stone and good luck charm among ancient people, including Indians, Nepalese and Tibetans, not only for the person but also for the environment.

Stones with brown or black tints, in the center of which there is a white circle, are used as an amulet against the evil eye : the white circle is in fact considered similar to the watchful eye of a protective gaze.

Furthermore, agate was thought to be a manifestation of the supernatural and they considered it a sacred stone, capable of instilling strength and courage. Pliny claimed that it made athletes invincible and Albert the Great attributed to the gem the power to avoid dangers and overcome setbacks.

In the Lithica poem attributed to Orpheus, we read that the man in love must wear an agate to win the heart of the desired woman. It is said to strengthen couple fidelity . 

When the colors are too bright and too contrasting, such as green, blue, yellow and purple, the agate is artificially colored with techniques that once the craftsmen were handed down from father to son.

It is above all the so-called slices (obtained from the specimens that have equal and concentric streaks) that come from the geodes and that are used tied to threads in the so-called ” spirit hunt ” to hang on the windows and on the entrance doors that have undergone this process of coloring.

Effect on the body of the  Agate

Agate is a protective stone for the whole organism. It has a beneficial effect on the safeguarding of pregnancies . It fights infertility and impotence.

Relieves pain such as headaches , muscle and back cramps. Fortifies the kidneys , lungs, stomach, liver and brain. Excellent for a good metabolization of food. Promotes tissue regeneration and growth.

It strengthens vision and is useful in eye diseases , especially in the case of conjunctivitis.

Effect on the psyche

Agate stimulates the balance between Yin and Yang . Sharpens concentration , analytical skills and precision; it gives confidence, strengthens logical thinking and promotes introspection , stability and realism. It stimulates the person to find in himself the answers to his questions and brings clarity and lucidity . It is the right stone to focus on situations and to elaborate pragmatic solutions.

It brings a sense of safety and security . It confers relaxation and greater ability to manage external influences. Promotes harmony with oneself and in relationships with others.

It stimulates the vital energy , passion, sensuality and the instinct of conservation. Help the shy and fearful to strengthen their courage.

How to use  Agate

Agate can be discharged from disharmonies under running water. For a spiritual effect it is useful to keep the agate in the visual field for this purpose by placing some “slices” at the corners of the rooms.

As for the physical therapy , the agate can be placed directly on the skin in direct contact with the affected area in case of acute ailments or use it as an ornamental stone even for long periods. It is advisable to apply agate in the evening on tired eyes.


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