Agata Botswana, the properties

Agata Botswana, the properties

In the family of quartz we find chalcedony, and among the varieties of chalcedony we have agate. Then there is a particular agate, Botswana agate, capable of giving balance and stability …

Agata Botswana, the properties

Like all varieties of agate , Botswana agate also belongs to chalcedones , in turn an aesthetic and precious variety of microcrystalline quartz used by humans for millennia.

Other stones of the same family are carnelian, sardine, onyx, chrysoprase, jasper and heliotrope. The classic agate colors are variable, mainly they are shades of brown and red, but not infrequently we find white or beige veins, greenish or bluish levels .

In the case of Botswana agate, the almost totally predominant colors are gray and pink, distributed in regular and gently curved bands. Brown or apricot-colored layers often appear on the surface .

The regular and elegant motifs drawn by the different color levels of Botswana agate make it particularly sought after among collectors and lovers of crystal therapy .

As the name tells us, the first and main source of Botswana agate extraction is the African state of Botswana , a landlocked nation on the northern border of South Africa, a land blessed by nature when it comes to mineral resources. Other places from which it can be extracted are Brazil and India.


The vibration of the Botswana agate

Crystal therapy experts tell us that Botswana agate has a particularly slow vibration when compared to that of many other crystal therapy gems, and this indicates how suitable this stone is to relax muscles and the nervous system .

This relaxation, however, is paradoxically essential to allow a stabilization and strengthening of the organism. Without relaxation the muscles cannot contract .

Given this ability to rebalance the tendency to continuous effort and due to its alternating color pattern, Botswana agate is considered the ideal stone to balance the two energies of yin and yang in being, and it is no coincidence that the market of this stone is abundant in China.


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Agate Botswana: stabilizer and protective


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The ability to give stability described above also acts on a mental and character level. In fact , Botswana agate helps to develop maturity, decision-making capacity, emotional composure, the ability not to be excited or overwhelmed by positive or negative emotions .

Thanks to this inner peace, things tend to settle down by themselves by inertia around us without adding chaos to the chaos and without necessarily having to feel protagonists and responsible for what happens .

Realizing that the world is able to move forward in every way even without us is often a fundamental experience that helps us to live better and to enjoy more fully the life that is given to us.

From this comes courage, a sense of protection, self-confidence. This “protection” that is perceived by wearing Botswana agate or working with it is also connected to the so-called “eye” that often appears on this stone, an oblong and concentric motif that resembles  an eye always open on us and on our life. .

Precisely for this ability to supervise and watch over, Botswana agate is not infrequently recommended for children and teenagers , especially those particularly sensitive to subtle energies.

The stone helps them to feel protected, not to be afraid or influenced by others. It also manages to prolong this sense of protection right into the dream activity.

Botswana agate is related to the root chakra, Muladhara , especially with regards to the primal sexual energies latent in it.

Also in this case, the Borswana agate brings composure, moderation, temperance, and a correct use of these energies , without falling into the traps of fear and excessive doubting of the mind but also without letting go too much and wasting precious energy.


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