Adult Nutrition

Adult Nutrition
Adult person is usually in that stage of life that needs a balanced and persistent nutrition. Nutrition is when balanced lets you live a healthy and bouncy life. Adult nutrition has a huge importance. Adult age period usually spans after the puberty to onwards even up to the elderly life but the nutrition for older adults is different due to many factors. The adult age is actually that period of a person’s age that elaborates the young age of him. We can also say it the nutrition of youth. Every person in its young age needs minerals, vitamins and balanced share of macronutrients along with the healthy activities to keep his life healthy. In this article, the discussion will be about the balanced nutrition of an adult along with healthy exercise.
Take a balanced diet:
A balanced diet means that you get the appropriate intake of all essential nutrients in regulated amounts. It doesn’t mean to have too much of the nutrients. Never omit any food completely from your lifestyle saying that it is bad. Foods are not bad or good but their eating pattern makes them such like that. You can take your favourite food e.g Junk food but with moderation. Moderate amounts of all foods help you ensure that you are healthy and not at the risk of any disease. If you choose a high fat snack at one meal, then choose a little fatty one at the next time. Reasonable serving sizes are 75-100 gm of meat, one medium piece of fruit, ½ cup of cereals. Ready-made meals may have the controlled energy intake as they have the ingredients listed on the label. The balanced diet is based on the carbohydrate share as 45-65%, proteins as 15 to 20% and fats as 25 to 35%.
Eat regularly:
Take your meals regularly. You can also schedule your meal intakes. Making a schedule of your meal times also ensures that you are not missing the meals further you are not at the risk of losing the nutrients. Take your diet either in three-square meal or six mini-meals but take in on regular pattern.
Include in your diet variety of food:
We need about 40 different nutrients for our body to keep it healthy and functioning but no single food can provide them all. Therefore, consumption of a vast variety of food e.g fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, milk and dairy etc is always recommended and considered essential. Taking a wide variety of foods has also been linked to longevity.
Must have fruits and vegetables:
Never miss to take fruits and vegetables in your diet as they are rich source of sugar e.g fructose, glucose, minerals and fibers. Intake of fruits and vegetables has also been linked to the decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. They contain many anti-oxidants and other healthy minerals and nutrients. They are usually low in fat and calories thus considered healthy.
Maintain ideal body weight:
If you are putting on weight then restrict your calorie intake and be more active. Weight gain may be due to excess of any the macronutrients e.g carbohydrates, proteins and fats but you can control it by regular and healthy exercise. In this way, healthy weight is maintained.
Enhance your fluid intake:
Adults need to drink about 1.5 litre of fluid daily even more depending upon the activity and climate. Fluid can also be obtained from fruits, juices, tea, coffee, milk and soft drinks etc.
Balanced intake of salt:
Sodium chloride is the usual form of salt intake. Sodium is very important in our body to maintain blood volume and pressure. The people who have the increased salt intake are at the risk of high blood pressure and CVD’s. That’s why it should be taken in moderation.
Take exercise on regular basis:
Exercise along with a balanced diet put a miraculous effect on a person’s health. In both children and adults, physical activity is related to improvements in body flexibility, aerobic endurance, co-ordination, strengthening of bones and muscles, lower body fats, blood pressure and in women it reduces risk of hip fractures. The recommended time for adults to take exercise is 30 minutes on the most days of a week.
So, nutrition of an adult is very important for him to enjoy his life with a lively heart and sparkling smile. And all these can only be done by eating balanced and healthy diet along with exercise.

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