A wrong diet today kills more than smoking

A wrong diet today kills more than smoking

The country with the highest rate of deaths in the world linked to a wrong diet, poor in nutrients and rich in processed foods would be Uzbekistan , where 892 people per 100 thousand die every year from food problems.

One of the healthiest countries, in sharp contrast to previous years, is Israel , with a tenth of the deaths compared to the Russian country.

This is what an international research has established that has examined as many as 195 countries around the world , going so far as to say that a wrong diet, or rather unhealthy, kills today more than cigarette smoking.

In fact, there are three reasons why people die today: cancer, the consequences of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems (which is the leading cause of death).

If not all cancers are linked to the wrong diet, there is little to go round with the other two major causes of death.


According to a study published in The Lancet , which looked at these countries up to 2017, the risk factors of a poor diet are as follows.

  • A lower consumption of fresh fruit than 250-300 grams per day.
  • An intake of fresh vegetables of less than 360 grams per day.
  • Lower consumption of dairy products (less than 450 grams per day), legumes (less than 60 grams per day) and fresh nuts (less than 20 grams per day).
  • A lower intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The most representative risk factors are instead a higher consumption of red meat and a diet low in fiber.
    This is followed by foods rich in sodium, a lower consumption of fresh fish, an increased consumption of cured meats.

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