A scientist’s anti-diet is the secret to losing weight

A scientist’s anti-diet is the secret to losing weight

His name is Giles Yeo , and he is a geneticist at Cambridge University, as well as author of the book ” Gene Eating ” (we can translate it as “Eating according to the genes”) which he claims is an effective anti-diet for losing weight forever. .
What is it about? And why anti-diet?
Because in his book, Dr. Yeo dispels some myths about weight loss , such as that reducing calories always leads to weight loss. Dr Yeo replies that just considering calories is wrong if you don’t know anything about how nutrients are absorbed and how a person uses those calories for energy.

A scholar of obesity and genetics, Dr. Yeo argues for two fundamental things.

  • The first is that no one “chooses” to be obese. Obesity can be the result of a biological problem, where for example some people eat more and cannot be satisfied for reasons beyond their will.
  • The second is that a diet that works for everyone doesn’t exist: all diets work in the short term, but then you gain weight.

Yeo argues that genetics play an important role in how much we eat.
So instead of going on a diet, Dr. Yeo proposes the anti-diet, a flexible and personalized approach that starts from us, from our environment (family, work, places we frequent, habits, etc.) and from how we relate to food. So no plan that solves your weight problems. But an anti-diet, which everyone plans as he wants by going to change those things that make him gain weight. Here are his advice.

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