A light cuisine makes us lose weight more

A light cuisine makes us lose weight more

Learn the tricks for cooking lighter by eating equal portions in quantities but less dense in calories.

This is one of the most important strategies when you want to lose weight or try to keep the weight lost.

First of all, by dosing the fats , which absolutely must not be demonized, but not used too “lightly”.

Often in the cooking programs we see chefs offering dishes that are tasty but also rich in calories.
Pastas and risotto creamed too much in oil and butter, with vegetables on top.

Puff pastry flans or brisée or rolls that if we eat ten we wouldn’t even get full, but which from a caloric point of view are the equivalent of a large four-cheese pizza.

And the desserts? Do we want to talk about it?
In a recipe it often happens to find no less than 200 grams of butter and oil, and too high doses of sugar.
Yes, the dessert is moist and soft, very inviting, but it makes you get diabetes just looking at it.

And the videos in which we witness “easy and tasty” recipes?

Stuffed sandwiches, desserts with chocolate bars, bacon rolls are just some of the viral proposals that I found shared by many on social media.

The success of cooking programs is taking us further and further away from light home cooking.

Often the attention to the zero kilometer or to the quality of the food risks making no difference, if it is then fried.

But if we’re trying to lose weight, it’s time to stop mimicking what we see on TV and focus more on our health, and the effect of certain heavy meals on our waistlines.

Here are some things to consider if you want to make a light but tastier cuisine. 


  1. Learn how to dose the oil, some foods and some seasonings.
    Ten grams of extra virgin olive oil (about 90 calories) is not a large spoon, but a level soup spoon, and you might be amazed at how little ten grams of butter is. pecorino and parmesan on your pasta.
    One tablespoon already equals forty calories. 

    Attention, in addition to grated cheese, breadcrumbs in burgers and meatballs , chunks of cold cuts and cheeses in pizzas and homemade flans, mozzarella which , although it is very good, is caloric, if we think that 100 grams are even less than palm of our hand.

    Learning to dose these ingredients, simplifying the recipes, is an important lesson for those looking for a light cuisine.

    For example, you can choose a single ingredient to add to our dishes to give that extra touch.

    Ham or turkey breast or skimmed ricotta in our timbales, and, if we love crusts for savory pies (bases like puff pastry), learn how to make variations with less butter. For example, using full-fat Greek yogurt or UHT cream (without carrageenan).
    Or in desserts, such as cakes and plum cakes, replacing all the butter with apple compote. 

    The fried foods should not be demonized, mind you:
     we can eat them once a week, preferring, however, crispy vegetables and avoiding instead of “frying” any food in fat. Also pay attention to the temperatures of food in the oven: if seasoned with extra virgin olive oil or butter, they must be at a maximum of 170 °. Not 200 °.

  2. More fruit, less sweets.
    Sunday sweets often become daily sweets, perhaps with the excuse of a children’s snack, yet there are many recipes with reduced sugar content, and learning how to dose can be a way to cut calories by up to 300 or 400 per day (yes, it seems absurd) and for some much more, without necessarily having to go on a diet. It is also always better to have fruit, and not sweets, for at least six days a week. 

    The Mediterranean diet does not include cookies, sweets and desserts on a daily basis. 
    In fact, sweets are at the top of the pyramid, that is, they should be consumed occasionally.

    To learn more, check out these articles.

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