5 tips for sleeping well

5 tips for sleeping well

Dedicating the right number of hours to sleep is a must, but considering the quality of sleep is also important and small precautions can guarantee its restorative faculty.

5 tips for sleeping well

It is essential to dedicate the right hours to sleep and ensure quality sleep It is about our health, our psycho-physical well-being, our daily performance and also our beauty !!!

When we sleep we recharge our batteries, our autonomic system: the body rests, the mind relaxes, the memory is regenerated.

This allows us to face the days of work or study with the right energy, concentration and determination. Quality sleep is also a cure-all for our skin , which relaxes and regenerates on a cellular level.

Here are 5 tips to facilitate a good sleep and integrate the hours set aside for rest with the time we dedicate to our activities: because sleeping is not wasted time!

1) Hot bath

A warm bath before bed promotes sleep. In fact, it has vasodilating and muscle relaxant effects, so that both the autonomic and muscular systems relax and prepare for night rest.

The hot bath also promotes a faster temperature excursion of the body, helps to lower the pressure and “numbs” a little by introducing us to a pre-sleep.

2) Herbal teas that relax and promote sleep

A pre / pro sleep herbal tea warms the stomach, relaxes the entire gastric system , often the site of psychosomatic tensions and, depending on the type of herbal tea , transmits its input to the various mental and physical districts.

Valerian , Chamomile , Passiflora , Linden and Lemon balm are valid remedies to choose according to personal needs.

How to promote sleep in children?

3) Time to sleep

Time for sleep , like work and daily activities, needs to be organized. It is in fact good to dedicate a constant hourly quota to sleep.

Going to bed and getting up in the morning, possibly always at the same time , allows you to set a regular sleep-wake rhythm that harmonizes our biological clock. 

4) Where you sleep

Environment in which to sleep : it is important that the place dedicated to rest and sleep is a clean environment from any electromagnetic pollution.

In fact, the presence of computers, cellular devices, televisions, can interfere with our sleep and its quality , because they could stimulate our brain waves and prevent us from completing all stages of sleep .

The bedroom temperature shouldn’t be too high. Excessive heat dries the jaws, weighs down breathing and does not allow for a restful rest, as it keeps the body’s energies high.


5) Sleeping positions

Positions in which to sleep: the base is essential, that is a good quality mattress and pillow that allows the correct posture of the spine and the right compensation of lumbar and cervical lordosis and dorsal kyphosis.

Each of us has a favorite position in which we fall asleep more easily.

I recommend that you avoid sleeping in a prone position, on your stomach , because the lumbar muscles do not find the right support and can then hurt in the morning. The neck would also be twisted incorrectly and breathing could be difficult.

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