5 Dietary Summer Sandwich Recipes

5 Dietary Summer Sandwich Recipes

Summer is made for spending little time in the kitchen, also because it is hot. On the one hand, we want fresher foods, and on the other hand, foods that are simpler and faster to prepare. And maybe even versatile, so you can offer them for picnics, aperitifs and lunches on the beach.

In this article, I propose 5 dietary summer sandwich recipes that have a maximum of 370 calories.

So these summer sandwiches do not weigh down but they satiate: they are fresh, greedy, nutritious but also light.
And they also allow us to grab a popsicle as a snack.


  1. Hapa nom nom.

    A light reinterpretation of a typical Cuban sandwich .
    To do this you will need a 55/60 gram mashed durum wheat ciabatta sandwich, 50 grams of cooked shoulder, 2 pickled gherkins, a 15 gram slice of Swiss type cheese, a teaspoon of mustard and a tip of a teaspoon of honey. .
    Smollicate the sandwich well, mix the mustard with the honey and spread it on the base of the bread.
    Add the cooked shoulder, the cheese, two very thinly sliced ​​gherkins and a handful of rocket if desired. Plate the sandwich for a few minutes. Kcal: 340

  2. Pita with grilled chicken and avocado .

    For this recipe you can use grilled chicken in pieces or chicken breast type Aia. Take some 60 gram pita bread, open it as if to create a pocket. In a bowl, mix a handful of chopped parsley with a teaspoon of low-fat white Greek yogurt, a little lemon juice, salt, pepper and 50 grams of ripe avocado. Spread this cream inside the pocket. Add 50 grams of grilled chicken breast or slices of cold chicken breast (or alternatively a small tin of jellied meat) and 3-4 datterini tomatoes cut in two. Kcal: 330.

  3. Light club sandwich.

    For this recipe per person you will need 4 slices of durum wheat pan without crust, with a maximum of 65 calories per slice, cut in two. Make a first sandwich with half a sliced ​​tomato, a raw basil leaf, 30 grams of light Santa Lucia ricotta. Make a second sandwich with slices of half a cucumber, a slice of bresaola, a level teaspoon of light mayonnaise. Combine the two sandwiches with the help of a long toothpick. To be served with pickled gherkins. Kcal: 367.

  4.  Vegan chickpea and rye sandwich.

    For this recipe you need 70 grams of rye bread, 60 grams of well-drained boiled chickpeas, a teaspoon of mustard, lemon juice, a handful of rocket or sprouts, 80 grams of carrots, half a cucumber. Blend the boiled chickpeas with carrots, mustard and lemon juice coarsely, so as to have a thick mixture.
    Stuff the base of the rye bread with a spoonful of the mixture, add some rocket and a slice of cucumber cut at an angle, cover with the rest of the mixture and close with the other slice of bread. To be consumed immediately. Kcal: 285

  5. Protein caprese sandwich.

    For this recipe you need a small box of natural tuna or 50 grams of turkey breast (like sliced ​​AIA), half a tomato like a heart of ox, two basil leaves, a level teaspoon of pesto, 50 grams of light Santa Lucia mozzarella.
    Stuff a 70 gram durum wheat ciabatta with the tuna seasoned with a teaspoon of pesto, a half of the sliced ​​tomato, a basil leaf, the chopped or diced mozzarella, the second half of the sliced ​​tomato, just a pinch of salt, the last basil leaf.
    If you use turkey breast you can plate it for a minute. Kcal: 355.

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