In this guide dedicated to Dying Light 2: Stay Human we will help you find all the military crates present in the game.

In Dying Light 2 , the ambitious game developed by Techland and released recently, there are 26 military supply crates containing technologies and weapons that were dropped from planes and landed with their parachutes all over the place, so we thought to a dedicated guide to find them all. These crates are not present in all districts, moreover 14 of them are located on the roofs while the other 12 are underwater. Since the research, as you have undoubtedly deduced, will be quite complex, in order to avoid wasting time as the game is so vast and already challenging in itself, we decided to insert a clarifying video that will allow you to go straight to the target. To the delight and delight of passionate hunters, finding all the boxes, once again, will give you the relative trophy.

Before going into the Dying Light 2 guide to military crates, know that if you are curious about our vote, you can take a look at our dedicated review .

Where to find air supplies in Dying Light 2? Here is the guide

Considering that the speakers are many and the distances, as you have well seen, are not a trivial matter, to facilitate the search we preferred to include a detailed video of HarryNinetyFour , which we thank for availability.

Dying Light 2 speaker guide

In summary, these are the Districts to visit and the related cash desks to open:

  • Houndfield District, 1 chest
  • Horseshoe District, 2 speakers
  • Downtown District, 3 speakers
  • Garrison District, 3 crates
  • New Dawn Park District, 1 chest
  • Saint Paul Island District, 1 chest
  • Lower Dam Ayre District, 2 chests
  • Newfound Lost Lands District, 13 crates

This is all there was to know in our guide on all the military crates to be found in Dying Light 2 , for more info we refer you to the section of our guides which is constantly updated, while if you want to look for more information on the title we refer you to the card dedicated .

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